Adam Lambert performs with Sam Sparro, Nile Rodgers, & CHIC

"Shady," one of the funkiest cuts on Adam Lambert's sophomore album Trespassing, is a true digital song--in the sense that it all started with a tweet. When Adam and his longtime friend and collaborator, Australian electropopper Sam Sparro, tweeted Chic's legendary disco pioneer Nile Rodgers on a whim to ask if he would play guitar on the track, Nile affably agreed, booked a studio without having ever met them...and what Nile would later describe as "one of the most organically perfect jams I've had since Bowie" ensued.

But the trio never performed the song live together--until this Thursday, when they finally joined forces at the We Are Family Foundation's Celebration gala at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom, where Adam was presented with the Unity Award (an honor given to artists who are "spreading peaceful messages through music"). Unsurprisingly, seemingly within minutes of this epic Lambert/Rodgers/Sparro glam jam, fan footage was all over the Interweb, so that those not fortunate enough to have been at the Ballroom in person could still witness the Shadiness:


Let's Dance (starts 3:20):