Ariana Grande on the End of 'Victorious'

It is a sad week at Hollywood Arts High School.

When we visited the set of Nickelodeon's upcoming movie, Swindle, we asked Ariana Grande how she felt about Victorious coming to its end.

Ariana said that none of the cast members were ready for the show to be over. "The chemistry was so unstoppable," she lamented. "The story line just keeps getting better and better."

Though the show is coming to its end, something else will live on, "The friendships that I made while making Victorious will last forever," Ariana told us, "We'll be best friends until we're 900 years old."

Watch the clip to see what else Ariana had to say about the show ending.

And don't forget to watch the series finale of Victorious on February 2!


w/e smh @ the fact there's not going to be a proper conclusion. also i am nhf 'sam & cat', jade should've got a spinoff imo