kate smirk
im pretty sure she had YEARS of training *after* he raped her as well. I dont think it was training, then literally nothing for 20+ years. she ended up being raped, probably more than once, during training...then she had 20+ years of experience.

lets no forget, she is still fighting FOR the rapists, technically. so she wasn't all inspired to be strong and defiant because of that. she only took her opportunity to go after him once she was instructed to take him out. and even then it was only to dump him to Russia, not kill him. and even then she didnt kill him, Phillip did.

I totally see your point, because its true. I just dont think that its whats going on here. it was just showcasing one of the reasons she is so benign and stoic w/ Phillip and her mission I think - not why she is an awesome fighter or good at her job.