So unimpressed the mods didn't allow me to post the full list. it is not like the guardian is starving for hits. I got Knaan's last album which was shit, I thought the whole thing was embarrassing and didn't sound like him. He pretty much told people not to buy it which I missed before I "acquired" it.
interesting read:

Right now, the pressures of the music industry encourage me to change the walk of my songs. When I write from the deepest part of my heart, my advisers say, I remind people too much of Somalia, which I escaped as a boy. My audience is in America, so my songs should reflect the land where I have chosen to live and work.

They have a point. A musician’s songs are not just his own; he shares them with an audience. Still, Somalia is where my life and poetry began. It is my walk. And I don’t want to lose it. Or stifle it. Or censor it in the name of marketing.