Guess who will return in next episode of Once Upon A Time ?

Sheriff Graham has learned that Jamie Dornan will be reprising his role on the ABC fairy tale drama later this season, but details of how the now-deceased sheriff, otherwise known as the Huntsman, will return are being kept under wraps - though it's clear he won't be back in present-day Storybrooke.When we spoke to Adam Hororwitz and Edward Kitsis for Lightning Round 3, the executive producers seemed hopeful for Dornan's return. "Jamie Dornan is in London recovering from shoulder surgery, so I think our fans can all wish him well and nurse him back to health so he can be ready to be hungry like the wolf again," Kitsis said.

Sheriff Graham, who was growing closer to outsider Emma (Jennifer Morrison) during Season 1, was last seen in Storybrooke when he started to regain memories of his old life in fairy tale land. Because that would ruin Regina's (Lana Parrilla) plans, she crushed his heart and killed him.

He will return for ep. 2x17 [ Welcome to Storybrooke].

Are you excited for the sheriff to return?