hook once upon a time
Ugh, yesterday my computer crashed and because I'm a moron and didn't save with too much diligence 5 days worth of thesis work is GONE. Keep in mind it's a program, not a paper, so there isn't auto-saving or anything like that keeping a backup. I'm going to have to reconstruct it from scratch.

And I just got a very passive-aggressive email from a superior mad at me for not finishing a data entry project. I sent him A-L two days ago, which has been in the progress for two weeks. He thought for some reason I would get M-Z done yesterday, even though I have other projects going on.

And I have 137 pages more of reading to do tonight for my class tomorrow.

So BASICALLY I'm pretty much fucked in all aspects of my life except the one where it's a positive.

Happy January 30th, no one!