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Which Queer Ships Could Come True?
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5. Emma and Regina, "Once Upon a Time"
While Emma and Regina could unite to create a pretty awesome couple nickname (SwanQueen) at least one of them would have to go through some intense character changes for this ship to make any sense. There just isn't a relationship book that covers how to deal with the fact that your girlfriend wiped your parents' memories, leaving you to grow up an orphan in a world that wasn't your own.

4. Maura and Jane, "Rizzoli and Isles"

It's not that the cop and the coroner wouldn't make a pretty cute couple, it's the show's demographic that makes this ship unlikely to be written in. Bottom line, this is a drama your mom watches, and whil you mom might be cool enough to keep tuning in if Maura and Jane start stealing kisses over the dead bodies, the network probably won't alienated the million moms with two lesbian protagonists

3. Dean and Castiel, "Supernatural"

Looking past any hints that this relationship is going canon in the actual episodes (and there are an endless supply) Destiel will most likely come true, however briefly, just because the writers will fear for their safety from what might be the most rabid group of shippers on the internet.

2. Sleeping Beauty and Mulan, "Once Upon A Time"
They're going to kiss. It's going to happen. Maybe it'll happen in a dream sequence, but the brave rescuer and the girl she's protecting are going to lock lips at some point.

1. Quinn and Rachel, "Glee"
After two and a half seasons of bitter rivalry and a kind of sudden friendship, Quinn and Rachel have one of the more stable relationships on "Glee." No couple is off limits in the world of spontaneous song, and it would be kind of interesting to see a pairing that had a half uninterested in pursuing a life on the stage.

literally tumblr's wet dream, click the sauce for 6-12

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l m f a o seriously

if writers fear destiel fans, well..........

Scott/Isaac & Stiles/Danny (& Derek/Jackson) tbh

Yes please to Scott/Isaac.

amen to the first one but nhf anything Jackson related

I will never understand why they have such a large following?

I don't see the sexual chemistry.

i finally saw that both full season show. i thought there would be attraction between them going on but left somewhat disappointed. if that ever happens, they would be my first ship ever. they would pair up pretty well lol

mte. i thought they'd be #1

Seriously I don't care how unrealistic lol, I love the idea of them together

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I was so surprised to learn that the twink half of that pairing wasn't the show's main character. I also hear that the two of them have like .5 line total.

Sterek is so overrated. I didn't have a problem with it in the beginning, but their rabid shippers keep shoving it in my face has made want it to not happen ever, if just to spite the fandom.

No. 9 at source (no. 1 in my admitedly deluded heart)

oh my what a mess this is, why are letters missing what is my format

are all posts like this or is it just mine???

You can edit the post to add the first letter of the character names.

its lj doing it. one of the many kinks thats going on rn.

nope, your's is not the only post subjected to the gremlins of LJ

Apparently it happens if you paste the text into the rich text editor and not the basic HTML box.

there aren't enough rme gifs on the internet for this post



Neeeever gonna happen.

I could die happy if it did though.

i cant beat infinity so i'll just go yasssssss!

I would watch Supernatural again if that happened.

i'm pretty sure that when the show ends they're gonna make it canon... i can see it happening at the last minute making cas dump a kiss on Dean or the other way around.

Let's form a prayer circle.

I just want them to kiss, dammit! It can be a dream sequence or whatever, I just need that image to be a reality.

I would love it. I feel like it is hinted at so often (and I've only just started season 8)

i don't even watch the show and i need to see them make out or something goddamn

My Destiel heart YEARNS for this!

I would be happy if they became canon in the last episode. That way, they would validate the shippers without endangering their audience. I wouldn't even need a kiss or anything like that, just them admitting that maybe there is something more between them, that they could try it... Nothing OOC.

YES PLEASE. Low chances but one can hope.

Holy hell, am I the only person on the internet who absolutely does not want to see this happen?

Srsly do not fuck this up spn writers!!

tbh at this point i'm certain it is canon

but it's forever going to be an eternal unrequited love from castiel's side as dean will probably never recognise his subconscious attraction.

and i am cool with that.

In the end not only did Merlin/Arthur not happen, the writers left no chance of it ever happening.

Sterek and Destiel fans can kiss their chances goodbye.

with every scene we've been getting from these two, i'll be unsatisfied as fuck if they don't just go for it at this point

ugh no one wants to see peter and neal get together without elizabeth's participation. it's the best OT3 ever

also they are wrong about rizzoli & isles' demographics. and shawn/lassiter.... NO

They are the greatest OT3! I'd be sad when people lose sight of that, except for the part where nobody ships Peter/Neal more than Elizabeth does.

nobody ships Peter/Neal more than Elizabeth does - lmao this is so true

This is so true. That's my only fandom ever where the main pairing was a threesome.

yeah does anyone but lesbians watch rizzoli and isles?

lmaooo what shawn/lassiter is on here?
i didnt even know that was a thing
if anything shawn/gus tbh

the first season of Psych was full of Shassie, it was basically in every fucking episode. And then they dropped it instantly in s2 which made me quit watching the show...

Are Shawn and Gus an option?

Ok, the source has Shawn and Lassie, which is a nice second. I'll take it.

I assumed I would be all Shawn/Gus if I started shipping people on Psych

but after marathoning almost all of the series this month, I'm down with the Shassie. Especially because at one point Shawn said "Shassie"

Shawn and Lassie had some major tension early in the series. I especially enjoy the part where Shawn sits on Lassie's lap after dazzling and stretching, and the one where they have a fight in the kitchen and Lassie's really rough with Shawn.

...come to think of it, Shawn/Lassie is a much better ship.

I'm so over Shassie and the fandom ignoring Shus' existence. Shawn said they were "lovers in the night time" and it's canon that Gus loves him.

quinntana >>> faberry

ot but is there going to be a pll post?

I hate the show but they are so hot this would be perfect omg

writers fear destiel fans??

sterek fans have literally chased the showrunner/head writer for teen wolf off tumblr AND twitter lol

LOL he left Twitter, too? IS NOWHERE SAFE?

yeah he left suuuuuper butthurt like two months ago. it happened right as people were upset that he cast a half black/half white female to play an indian lady and (pretty civilly imo) asked for an explanation and he flounced

Sometimes I feel bad for Jeff but then I remember he created a lot of his own problems.

you're giving sterek fans too much credit. a mature showrunner would brush the crazies off. but he was making gaffes left & right. i honestly think him leaving social media was the best, bc he seemed too invested

I don't think they fear us tbh. They seem to enjoy baiting us most of the time.

How about pushing for more gay characters on television rather than reading in tension between st8 people

You don't think they're connected at all? I find myself shipping mainly because there are so few well-developed gay characters on TV and the ones that are rarely have meaningful relationships.

nailed it tbh.
(except where the straight white girls shipping 2 decent looking white men are concerned)

mfte. i'd totally ship queer characters if there actually, you know, were any...like more than one queer character on any given show.....

Srsly, I will be more than happy to ship two gay people if there were actually any around!

exactly. we had kurt and blaine and what absolute bullshit that turned out to be

but then again, it WAS glee

There's nothing wrong with multitasking. Pushing for more gay characters isn't going to make them appear today, so in the meantime I don't have a problem with imagining people who have only been previously portrayed as straight in non-straight relationships. I'd love more representations of bisexuality on TV. God knows it'd be nice not to feel like a unicorn.

Thank you! The only thing these sort of articles do is make the writers and showrunners do more queerbaiting.

tbh for SPN, Dean has never been confirmed as straight and Cas is an angel using a male vessel so he's not technically male.

tumblr would fucking break down if dean/castiel were the endgame. holy shit balls.

You should've seen it when they hugged O_O

hf mulan/aurora

literally the only reason i clicked on this post was to make sure they were on this list

I'm not holding out hope but it would be amazing

only reason I'm still watching ouat

i don't know shit about network tv, but y'all are gonna make me look this ship up.

they are totally canon. I swear to God, they fucking better be canon.

Ideally I'm for mulan/aurora/phillip ot3 but I would not be adverse to mulan/aurora. like at all.

haha me too. The whole dialogue with Mulan inserting Aurora's heart? I died.

i stopped watching after they ran off from that jail cell together. i assume they are now a couple 5ever. the end.

It will never happen on a show about Disney princesses.

Scratch that: it won't happen for ten years at least.

i dont even watch the show and i want them to be canon


too bad it's disney and they won't let it happen on their prime time network. :c

I had no idea about them so I might have to start watching that show now tbh

The day I tumblr saviored "supernatural" and every character/ship name involved with that show was a really great day for me.

same and i actually watch the show

same. anytime i tumblr savior anything its like a huge weights been lifted off my shoulders.

LOL u didn't lie

(also once upon a time, doctor who, the hunger games, elementary...)

I'm such a killjoy tbh haha


Except for Elementary because it doesn't get posted ad nauseam like the other ones.

But really tho, I just don't get the love for OUAT. It's terribly written and acted, and is just all around embarrassing, but it has such a huge following. I really tried to get into it, but I can handle only so much secondhand embarrassment before I fold.

I did that because people refused to stop with their shitty crossover RPs in tags for shows I actually liked.

That and Sherlock/Dr.Who. I'm so thankful for Tumblr Saviour

tumblr savior is the best. i think i ascended to a whole new plane of existence the day i savior'd "sherlock."

I do this but not everyone tags their shit, gdi

Why not just unfollow the crazy ones?

I've got over 500 people on my ignore list on tumblr and they're all Supernatural fans. It gets really tiring. I don't even go into the tags anymore. There's a level of batshit insanity and nastiness with parts of Supernatural fandom that I haven't seen anywhere else.

some people in the SPN fandom are super nasty, ik. i cling to my part of the fandom and try to stay away from the drama

MTE. I cannot stand that show or the ships.

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