Nathan Stewart-Jarrett for Topman

Most people will recognise Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as Curtis (‘the angry one’) from Channel 4’s series Misfits - a show that very quickly became a hit when it landed on our screens four years ago and propelled its original young cast into the limelight. Since then Jarrett has been busy working on a range of projects and is back on the small screen in the new six-part conspiracy thriller, Utopia.

Based around a random group of individuals’ discovery of a mysterious graphic novel manuscript, Jarrett plays Ian Johnson, an IT consultant in his mid-twenties caught up in the bizarre and mysterious plot. For Jarrett the opportunity to be a part of the exciting new show was a no-brainer. “It was such a different role to the roles I’ve done, and also what I’ve seen or read before. I liked [the character’s] sense of frustration and inaction. The idea of being in your twenties and not really knowing what you are doing.” Something Jarrett explains that he understands first-hand, “I was interested in that because a lot of my friends are like that, it kind of spoke to me”.

This year looks set to be one of the most exciting yet for the young actor, who has a few films scheduled for release later this year, including Dom Hemingway - a British crime thriller starring UK acting heavyweights Jude Law and Richard E. Grant. So what could possibly be next on the rising star’s professional to do list? “I really desperately want to work with Shame director, Steve McQueen. You have to really have those dreams, but this year is really about having things come out, which is nice because I’ve never really had that before”. Excited by the prospect of going to America and possibly doing a British indie film, Nathan is ready to run with whatever opportunities come his way. “Obviously having lots of projects does open up doors for you, whether or not you are aware of them at the time – and that’s really good because it frees you up to do different types of work which is exciting.”

After checking out some of the shots from the day’s shoot at the Chelsea Ram, in west London, our conversation turns to fashion, Nathan mockingly declares “Look at me!” (His lean frame is dressed in dark denim teamed with a black chunky knit sweater) “Obviously everyone wants to look good, but I dress to be comfortable. I can look quite simple – I tend to wear no colour! I like things that I can move in and I just go with my mood that day. Or with whatever comes to hand when I’m working or filming. Grab and go!” And his favourite fashion item? “I like jumpers. Not just one jumper but lots of jumpers”, which explains his love of acclaimed UK designer James Long (who recently collaborated with Topman on a knitwear range). Stumped on who he would pick as his personal style icon, the actor flashes a cheeky grin and tells me he’d rather look to the past for fashion inspiration than anyone currently featured in any fashion ‘Best dressed’ list.

As we reminisce fondly over his early days filming for Misfits, Nathan shares that early disappointments have taught him to not have too many expectations. “I didn’t know what was going to happen when we first started the show. I had never been on a whole series or anything before ­- I didn’t expect it to blow up.” And despite the success of the show he’s manage to not let any newfound fame and popularity go to his head. “I think people would’ve thought our expectations would have changed as the show got bigger, but not really. Each time I have gotten a role and thought this is a game changer, the game has completely stopped and not worked, or something has not happened or changed in the way that I thought it would of. My expectations have always remained realistic.”

And two behind-the-scenes shots:


Can we talk about how flawless Utopia is for a minute?