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Bam Margera has lost his damn mind.
chandyland11 wrote in ohnotheydidnt
Bam has released his new music video for "Bend my D*ck to my A*s" in which he urinates in his own mouth and generally makes a fool of himself. WARNING: THIS VIDEO IS NSFW.


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I lurked ontd waiting for this post to show up because I saw a pic of him peeing in his own mouth in another post and I just had to see why the hell he would do that...

now I know....kinda

class act, right there kiddies

Drugs. That was just before he became a full blown addict.

He's quite a prince now, tho.

the standards of some ONTD members lol. Srsly how can u love this stank, rank piece of trash. Honestly hes repulsive and hes been repulsive for a long time. To top it off he's fucking ugly lawd. And he says f*ggot in this video like REALLY.
We hate on women for much less

We hate on women for much less

m t e

truth, you fucking speak it


some of the comments....really? This isn't 'that bad'? This sleeze is disgusting on so many levels.

I think people were just expecting worse.

ONTD has really low standards for (white) men ijaf

you mean the same ontd that idolizes wifebeaters like christian bale & michael fassbender??


m t f e
ontd is such bullshit a guy can be a gross homophobic mess 24/7 but when jenlaw says something stupid once she cant be forgiven ever lmao ok ontd

He as well as many HIM fans made me feel so shameful of my HIM phase.

Oh HIM. Bam rammed into me at a HIM concert in like 2004. He was really short. Like, I'm 5'3 and he really wasn't that much taller than me. The lead guy from the Bloodhound Gang also walked in to me at the same concert, but he apologized, so that was good.

Awww I love Jimmy Pop! Did you get to chat with him at all?

Not gonna lie, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the Bloodhound Gang, so I'm jelly.

I still listen to HIM on occasion, negl. Ville's voice is relaxing.

lol, HIM. I still remember a friend wearing a shirt of them (now it makes sense, she was a huge Jackass fan, for some reason I didn't know they had this connection), and we had a very "Who's on first" type of conversation. ie: "Who's that?" "HIM" "Yeah, him/they, who is that?" "HIM" "Yes, him, but who is he" I felt dumb.

I recall knowing someone who got HIM related tatt. I wonder how they feel about it now.

omg "razorblade romance" has been in my car for the last two weeks since my ipod wire broke and i'm one step away from buying a heartagram bumper sticker.

What the fuck kind of wanna-be Die Antwoord Dubstep bullshit did I just witness?!

lmao. he remains an ugly, useless, bloated mess.



I pick my nose 5 times a day

I was legit picking my nose as I read that

One time when I was 15 I pooped my pants

I was sick and was squatting in front of the TV while I played my PS2. I thought it was gonna be a fart

I'm not sure how I feel admitting this semi-anonymously on the internet tbh but there you go, you know my shame now

Sometimes if I'm really sick in bed with the flu or a nasty virus I will just wipe my nose on the sheets but I always wash them later. It's still pretty gross tho :(

what would compton as terry say?

Remember dat ryan dunn death post and da subsequent mess dat followed?

when he got hit in the head with a bat?

If by bat you mean dashboard of his own car while drunk driving then yes.

nope nope nope nope nope nope


2013-01-29 04:56 am (UTC)

i'm not sure i even want to enter this post so...

what in the everloving fuck


2013-01-29 04:57 am (UTC)

 photo iyzig2-1.gif

The only one I like from the whole jackass people is stev-o. I like how he works hard on his sobriety and got his life together and has a regular job. He seemed to have a lot of psychological issues and I'm glad he overcame them or at least controls them now- idk he just has this child like innocence about him that makes me root for him lol.

his wiki is really interesting.


Oh and bam looks like he is 45...he is so gross.

"He then attended and graduated from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College in 1997.[7] After graduation he was not selected to join the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, but worked as a clown in a circus at the Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop flea market."
omg this is so sad

He's probably a millionaire now. He got the last laugh.

I cannot believe "clown college" is a real thing. This explains so much.

The Swap Shop is fucking amazing -- he should be proud to be associated with its greatness

Steve-O is fucking amazing & I will fangirl over him until the day I die. He truly is an awesome person.

He told US Weekly in November 2012 that he credited his two rescue dogs, Walter and Bernie, with helping him to maintain nearly five years of sobriety.[47]

my boyfriend and i were raised by jackass, and just last year we got to go see steve-o do stand up. at the end of the show, he was like, the only reason i get to do this is because of you guys and i love you so much, and then he took a picture with every single person who asked for one.

like, the sweetest dude you could imagine.

have you read his book? it was a really interesting read!

i remember his mtv special or whatever about his addiction, holy shit it was so sad

i've always really liked him too

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