5:30 pm - 01/28/2013

Brooke Hogan Reacts To Hulk’s “Legs” Photo Of Her

As PWMania.com noted yesterday, Hulk Hogan posted a photo of Brook Hogan’s legs on Twitter and then removed the photo. Brooke Hogan responded to people’s reactions on Twitter, writing:

“A dad can’t even be proud of his daughter without sickos makin it something it’s not. Really?? Go back to your farm animals. #ignorant”

- Dixie Carter revealed the poster for TNA’s Lockdown pay-per-view on Twitter with the following caption, “Cannot wait for Lockdown in San Antonio. Here’s a first look at the poster.”


She was def lurking ONTD yesterday HAHA
angelmonster 28th-Jan-2013 11:02 pm (UTC)
I thought whatever of the leg shot this is fucking nasty.
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