10:53 pm - 01/28/2013

Harry Styles arriving at Heathrow

Harry Styles arriving at Heathrow Airport on Monday morning (January 28) in London, England.

The 18-year-old One Direction singer was nice enough to stop and take a photo with a fan before getting into his car.

The day before, Harry arrived in Glasgow, Scotland where he reportedly met up with Simon Cowell who was in town scouting for the upcoming season of Britain’s Got Talent.

lanavis 28th-Jan-2013 11:19 pm (UTC)
It wasn't about race. It was about rap culture. Acting like most blacks are in rap culture or that whites don't make it up (remember that Britian's gangsters are chavs who are more often white) is racist in itself.
flightbyzephyr 29th-Jan-2013 07:07 am (UTC)
Lbr especially outside of the US and in the UK Rap culture is still seen as being the same as or a substitute word for black culture irregardless of whether that's true or not and I know it's barely true any more.
However that's not what the general public in the UK believe and clearly Charlie subscribes to that misinformed view.

Here is a link from only 2011 illustrating my point that black culture is still seen as being the same as the kind of slang Charlie was mocking. Keep in mind this was on a incredibly popular show Newsnight on the BBC.
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