Force of nature JJ Abrams goes from Star Trek to Star Wars, fans fight in cyberspace

In a move that can only be described with expletives or Yiddish, it was announced Thursday that "Star Trek Into Darkness" filmmaker J. J. Abrams will be directing the next installment of Star Wars.

After Jedi-mindtricking his way into creative control over the two most prized properies in science-fiction, Abrams is now strutting across the universe, swinging his Death Star-sized chutzpah from galaxy to galaxy.

However massive the achievement, the franchise-gobbling filmmaker still has to face the loyally fixed and ready to fight fan bases as they attempt to adjust to the unfathomable force disturbances and countless continuum rifts caused by this development.

The chaos plays out online as competing convention culture and cherished legacies smash into each other like angry asteroids. It's Starfleet on Skywalker, Empire against Enterprise and no shortage of phaser fire for the newest captain of the proverbial ship.

Space separatists, be warned. Nothing brings people together like a common enemy.


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