Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan talk about the Hobbit, Wild Things, Beecake and some other stuff whi

It has been a very long while since both Merry & Pippin were back together causing mischief! hosted an exclusive webcast featuring our very own Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan on a special edition of TORn TUESDAYS. Dom talked about the launch of his new series on BBC America: WILD THINGS WITH DOMINIC MONAGHAN and Billy brought the musical goods as his band BEECAKE has just launched a wonderful new album, Blue Sky Paradise. You will see Beecake perform *live* at huge Oscar Event on February 24th: The One Expected Party!

Other things they talk about:
- Dom’s brother’s band Radiosepia
- holiday-ing together
- other music stuff
- Drive Sahft
- Dragon*Con vs. Comic-Con
- Billy being super limber due to yoga
- chain mail
- Orlando Bloom's beauty
- The Hobbit
- their Lord of the Rings time (including the retelling of kissing Viggo Mortensen and Elijah Wood farting)
- the upcoming OneRing-Oscar-Party
- the dangers of wearing a kilt while sliding
and some more.

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hobbit as well as lotr feelings greatly appreciated

also: this post is dedicated to yesterday's birthday-party-hobbits stuckmodebabe and cuteej4
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