Group Therapy with Fleetwood Mac

Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, and Mick Fleetwood sat down for a series of video interviews early in the week to promote Fleetwood Mac's upcoming US tour.

- what songs they will play on tour

- Mick wants to see Stevie & Lindsey do something "out there" that shows their chemistry

- Something about sloppy dates

- Lindsey talks about Stevie, how they are still discovering things about each other and are now finally starting to address the love that has always been there

- what it's like touring nowadays
- The songs they have to play
- Lindsey & Stevie discuss their relationship again, hold hands some more
- Sheryl Crow & Lance Armstrong?

- Stevie sings a bit of "Sad Angel"
- Talk about the new music they recorded - "Without You" is one of the songs
- They don't do cocaine anymore
- Best & Worst tour memories
- Stevie playing with Dave Grohl @ Sundance
- What they think about Justin Bieber

- Stevie Nicks on her mother's passing and how it has strengthened the bond within the band

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I can't handle all of the hand-holding tbh.
& lol at Stevie cracking up after mistakenly implying they do drugs to keep their energy up.