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Steve Burton Explains His Return to TV, New Gig on The Young and the Restless!

His fans are thrilled, except for the ones who are totally pissed. Steve Burton made big news — and crushed a lot of hearts — when he left General Hospital and moved to Nashville. So how come he's back in L.A. and working at Y&R a mere three months later?

Burton hits the CBS soap Jan. 29 as war vet Dylan McAvoy, the supposedly-dead ex of Avery.

TV Guide: You can't be broke yet. Why jump back into the suds so soon?
Burton: I've had an incredible time with my family, taking my daughter to gymnastics, coaching my son's football team, shopping at Target — stuff I never got to do when I was at GH — but I never intended to retire. I'm a worker and CBS stepped up and made a deal. It all happened so fast, just like the telenovela I'm putting together with [Y&R exec producer] Jill Farren Phelps and James Franco for Sony.

TV Guide: You weren't out of work that long. Did you really have time to sit on your porch in Nashville — I'm assuming you have one — and really enjoy your new life?
Burton: I have a great porch! The move to Nashville forced me and my triple-A personality to slow down and appreciate the little things in life. I haven't had three months off ever! And it seemed like a year. Pretty soon I was saying to my wife, "Okay, what are we doing today, honey?" It wasn't that I was tired of sitting on my porch. I will never tire of that. But I was definitely ready to shake it up. People see me as Jason so much they forget I'm an actor. And an actor wants to explore!

TV Guide: Word is, you have a very cool deal at Y&R that gives you tons of free time. True?
Burton: I'll get a lot of long weekends and weeks off so I can get back to Nashville. I don't want to work five days a week like I did at GH. [Laughs] I was on the air so much even I was sick of me!

TV Guide: If GH had tried harder to accommodate you, would you still be there?
Burton: I don't want to point fingers. I know there are a lot of disappointed fans. They don't really understand what goes on behind the doors.

TV Guide: You do look a lot slimmer.
Burton: I had to get back on TV before I gained more weight. [Laughs] Robust isn't my best look. I'm trying to be healthy so, yeah, I'm a lot thinner now. In fact, I've had an entire makeover! My Jason hair is gone and so are the black T-shirts.

TV Guide: Are we headed for a Dylan-Avery-Nick triangle? Is Dylan going to beat the crap out of Nick?
Burton: I don't know yet, but I'm definitely going to hold down Joshua Morrow and shave off that famous scruff on his chin. And if he's going to be in a triangle with me, he needs to take off those goofy sweaters!

ALL MY CHILDREN & ONE LIFE TO LIVE Set to Premiere Digitally on Hulu, Hulu Plus & iTunes!

In a groundbreaking move that brings premium first-run, broadcast-quality programming to a mass-market audience via the internet, Prospect Park’s The Online Network (TOLN) announced today that the Company has reached an agreement with Hulu and the iTunes Store to distribute all-new episodes of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Through the Hulu distribution agreement, the hugely popular daily dramas will reach tens of millions of fans via the free Hulu.com service, as well as millions of Hulu Plus subscribers watching on connected TVs, mobile phones, tablets and PCs. iTunes customers can enjoy viewing on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV and their Mac or PC. The announcement was made today by Prospect Park Chairman and CEO, Jeff Kwatinetz.

“I believe that both Hulu and iTunes have the vision, the reach and the technology to help us launch TOLN in a significant way,” Kwatinetz said. “We think these platforms are part of history, helping us to transform distribution. Hulu’s reach, platform and advertising prowess are best in class, and iTunes provides an incredible way to buy TV shows that is second to none. Through both of these partners, we hope daytime drama fans are absolutely delighted to be able to watch their favorite programs in a broadcast-quality HD format wherever and whenever they want.”

Separately, Prospect Park has closed its financing with ABRY Partners, one of the most experienced and successful media-focused private equity investment firms in North America. Since 1989, ABRY has completed over $36 billion in leveraged transactions and other private equity investments involving approximately 450 properties.

Brent Stone, a partner at ABRY Partners, stated, “We are excited to be partnering with Jeff Kwatinetz and the rest of the team at Prospect Park, and we strongly believe that they will continue to be a leader in their innovative approach to content creation.”

Kwatinetz continued, “We are privileged to the have the backing and partnership with Brent and his team at ABRY, who are proven, brilliant investors, and will help us reach our ultimate goals.”

Starting this spring, viewers can stream the beloved serial dramas ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE on the free Hulu.com service and the Hulu Plus subscription service. New 30-minute episodes of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE will be introduced each weekday. This innovative content deal will re-introduce these venerable daytime hits in a new format perfect for the viewing habits of the digital generation. Prospect Park and TOLN plan to blend new themes, fresh stars and youthful energy with the familiar actors and writers who made these shows must-watch afternoon viewing for legions of loyal fans.

All My Children & One Life to Live update: Who's in for online return!

Welcome back, Jesse and Angie Hubbard! Good to see you again, Clint Buchanan! Prospect Park today announced the cast members who have deals to star in the online versions.

As for AMC, here’s who is coming back to Pine Valley:

Darnell Williams as Jesse, Debbi Morgan as Dr. Angie, Vincent Irizarry as David, Lindsay Hartley as Cara, Jordi Vilasuso as Griffin, Jill Larson as Opal and Thorsten Kaye as Zach.

Here is who is expected to return to OLTL’s Llanview:

Erika Slezak as Vicki, Robin Strasser as Dorian, Tuc Watkins as David, Robert Woods as Bo, Kassie DePaiva as Blair, Jerry verDorn as Clint, Florencia Lozano as Tea, Melissa Archer as Natalie, Hillary Smith as Nora, Kelley Missal as Danielle, Josh Kelly as Cutter, Andrew Trischitta as Jack, Sean Ringgold as Shaun, Shenaz Treasury as Rama and Nick Choksi as Vimal.

Prospect promises that more deals will close in the coming weeks. An actual return date for both shows to The Online Network has yet to be released.

Robin Strasser Dishes Her Return to One Life to Live!

Robin Strasser is once again a wanted woman! The legendary, Emmy-winning diva recently announced via Twitter that she will come back to One Life to Live as Dorian Lord when the soap finds new life later this year on the Internet. Naturally, TV Guide Magazine wasted no time scoring an exclusive chat!

TV Guide: This is thrilling news, especially since you weren't in the mix the first time Prospect Park tried to revive OLTL.
Strasser: Not because I didn't want to be in the mix! The people who were mixing it up didn't ask me. I won't lie. It's an entirely different energy now. Any fear I had that I was going back into something uncomfortable, or any fear that I might not live up to expectations felt totally surmountable once I looked at the bigger picture — that there's still life in One Life to Live! The fact that Prospect Park still had the appetite and desire and muscle and vision to make this a reality made me think, "Wow. I want to be involved in this. This is history!"

TV Guide: Speaking of that bigger picture, do you think this long delay in getting the OLTL and All My Children reboots off the ground was maybe for the best? Things seemed so desperate and crazy and rushed the first time around. Will we see better shows as a result of the postponement?
Strasser: Interesting question, but I think you'd have to talk to the people who were in the trenches at the time the plans collapsed — the ones who thought they had a job [with Prospect Park] and didn't. I was written out of OLTL on June 23, 2011, more than half a year before the show went off the air. As I ranted at the time, the loss of about 800 jobs per show should not be trivialized or dismissed.

TV Guide: I still can't believe ABC didn't bring you back for the OLTL finale. We so needed a final moment with Dorian and Viki [Erika Slezak]. How did you feel about that?
Strasser: Well, the show went out with enormous ratings and success and heat, and I know that was [exec producer] Frank Valentini's intention. I'm glad it happened that way. I have worked hard in the year and a half since I last played Dorian to try to let go of what didn't happen.

TV Guide: Did you actually meet with the Prospect Park peeps, or did the offer come by phone?
Strasser: I got a call. On Jan. 2. Happy New Year! It's such a gift. Not only was I made to feel important but they have let me know in the most wonderful way that they consider Dorian to be key to the show. My God, it's been years since I heard that! [Laughs] Well, I hear it from my fans all the time. Their loyalty and love has been unconditional.

TV Guide: And they never gave up hope for OLTL!
Strasser: No, they did not! Via their energy and their social networking, they have proven to be tirelessly devoted. And that had an enormous impact. In their minds, it was never over, not even when the network said, "Stop already! Support The Chew! Support The Revolution! Support Katie Couric!" [ABC] tried to tell us to watch all sorts of things and to force us to believe that storytelling has a shelf life — and that is both anthropologically and psychologically incorrect! We need our stories! [Laughs] See, now you've got my blood going!

TV Guide: Won't it be wild having Agnes Nixon involved in OLTL again? That hasn't been the case in years.
Strasser: Agnes Nixon didn't just create these shows. She created jobs, fostered careers, changed lives — not just our lives but the lives of millions upon millions of viewers. That woman is as high at the top of the mountain as it gets and the more attention Agnes gives OLTL, the more blessed we will be. I can't wait to work with her again and, especially, to make this transition with her to the Internet. At my age, how many firsts are still left? To me, that's jet fuel. Even the part of this that's scary is jet fuel.

TV Guide: You? Scared? Of what?
Strasser: Getting what I asked for, what I prayed for. Mixed up in all the joy and the celebration is the fear of not living up to this. Do I deserve this? Could it be taken away? To love something so much and let it go and then have it suddenly come back is an overwhelming thing. My respect for this business is built on the premise that every episode is opening night, though I may have driven people crazy with that concept. Every episode, every scene matters deeply. At the start of each work day, I always think, "If this is the last performance I ever give, let it be a great one!" What can I say? I'm a drama queen.

TV Guide: Now there's an exclusive scoop! Has Prospect Park talked plot with you yet? Do we know what Dorian's been up to? Wasn't she sent off into politics at the end there?
Strasser: Who knows?

TV Guide: Didn't she replace some senator who had to resign after a sex scandal
Strasser: Who knows?

TV Guide: Sore subject?
Strasser: I have erased from my memory things that did not ring true. Moving forward! However and wherever we pick her up, it's all doable, because she has always been a glass-is-half-full-of-wacky-juice kinda gal. In that way I'm just like my character, the queen of revisionist history. [Laughs] Just ignore the past and wear a great hat!

TV Guide: Toward the end of your OLTL run, you were dealing with a bad back. Feeling better?
Strasser: I still have challenges but I am working diligently on my physical, spiritual and mental wellness. When I left OLTL I thought I would be wheeled out on a gurney and straight into back surgery but, for various reasons, I have not gone that route. Right now, for me and my body, that's not the best course of action, and I'm full of happiness and gratitude about that. I am going to show up for work on the new OLTL fully energized, one hundred percent committed and ready for my close-up!

Jack Wagner Returns to General Hospital!

Frisco is back! Sources tell TV Guide that longtime suds fave Jack Wagner has not only struck a deal to return to ABC's General Hospital, he's already on the set secretly shooting. Wagner, who played cop turned spy Frisco Jones, during the '80s and '90s, was last seen on the soap in 1995. His other suds credits include The Bold and the Beautiful, Melrose Place, Sunset Beach and Santa Barbara.

Wagner is part of a stellar parade of old-time faves returning to celebrate GH's upcoming 50th anniversary. In fact, there are relatively few supernames from the show's golden era of the late '70s and early '80s who haven't agreed to show up — with John Stamos, Richard Dean Anderson and Demi Moore heading the list of the most enticing holdouts. Look for the '90s to be well represented, too. Word is, Antonio Sabato, Jr. recently took a meeting at the GH studio to discuss his possible participation. This is shaping up to be one fantastic party!

How DALLAS Will Write Out Larry Hagman's J.R. Ewing!

Two months after Larry Hagman's November 23 death, the Dallas cast past and present has assembled at the city's swanky Petroleum Club to shoot an epic, drama-filled memorial for his legendary J.R. Ewing. Among the mourners who have returned to pay their respects — or disrespects — are Cliff Barnes, Gary and Lucy Ewing, Ray Krebbs, Mandy Winger and Cally Harper Ewing. On set, the late actor's spirit is still very much alive. Each morning when he passes Hagman's trailer, Patrick Duffy, who plays Bobby Ewing, knocks on his friend's door. "Not like I'm expecting him to say, 'Come in,'" Duffy says. "But just to say to Larry, 'I'm still here, pal.'" And if you believe some of Hagman's costars, he's been knocking right back.

Josh Henderson, who plays J.R.'s son John Ross, thinks the man he called Pops was behind a glitch he experienced filming a call between their characters days after Hagman's death (a strange sound came through the phone and lingered). "Even when he's not in a scene, Larry's making sure he's the center of attention," Henderson says. Linda Gray says she's been visited by Hagman via her car radio, which has twice played Frank Sinatra's "Always," the song Hagman was singing with his daughter just before he passed. "It's like Larry's talking to me," Gray says. "I know he's going to keep coming to all of us doing weird things."

More recently, Duffy and Gray felt Hagman's spirit at their TV Guide cover shoot. "Linda and I kept joking that Larry was watching us — and he was pissed!" says Duffy. "We said, 'He thinks he should be here in this photo.' And then we looked at each other and said, 'He is here.'"

At a time when the cast and crew should have been celebrating the revived soap's success on TNT — Season 1 averaged 4.5 million viewers and was the top new cable drama of the year among adults 18-49 — instead they were reeling from the shock of Hagman's death. Then the show's writing staff, headed by exec producer Cynthia Cidre, went into overdrive reworking the second half of the season. The result: a multi-episode "Who Killed J.R.?" mystery that Cidre hopes will rival 1980's wildly popular "Who Shot J.R.?" storyline.

"We all felt having J.R. die of natural causes would have been completely inappropriate, not only to the character, but also to Larry Hagman," says Cidre, who received an OK for the plotline from Duffy as well as Hagman's son, Preston.

After weaving in the new story, Cidre and her staff were able to salvage what she estimates to be 80 to 90 percent of her original outline for the season. Hagman's final episodes (he appears in at least five) even offer a few scenes that provide unintended closure to J.R.'s tumultuous relationships with Sue Ellen and Bobby. In this week's two-hour premiere, J.R. comes to ex-wife Sue Ellen's home to express feelings for her he'd never before verbalized. A few episodes later, Bobby turns to his big brother when his wife, Ann, lands in a heap of trouble. "For the first time I can remember, Bobby has to go to the guy who knows how to get down and dirty," Duffy says. "He walks into J.R.'s bedroom and says, 'I need your help.' It's one of my all-time favorite moments."

Producers have also wisely cultivated a fresh supply of villains. Mitch Pileggi, who plays Ann's manipulative ex-husband Harris Ryland, has been upped to a series regular. Early in the season, Ryland opens his home to his diabolical mother Judith and his privileged daughter Emma. Pileggi describes Harris' Oedipal relationship with his mom as "about as weird and creepy as you can get," with one scene finding Judith tending to her hospital-bed-bound son with a bit too much affection.

"Their relationship is very complicated and psychologically fascinating," confirms Light, whose initial run on the show will end after the first eight episodes due to a Broadway commitment (producers hope to have her back later in the season). "This woman is extremely controlling of her son's life, deeply pained and stops at nothing to get her own way." Before long, the Ryland family's machinations will land one unlucky Ewing on trial for attempted murder.

Thom Racina: Start Watching ONE LIFE TO LIVE Come April!

ONE LIFE TO LIVE co-head writer Thom Racina has posted an update on his new gig on his Facebook page.

Well, I've arrived in Llanview, which is now situated in our studios in Stamford, CT, and I couldn't be happier. Not only are we on groundbreaking territory here with Prospect Park reinventing soaps for the Internet, but I'm looking forward to putting the results of my creative passion into story and the voices of characters once again.

I'm working, as most of you know, with my writing partner, Susie Horgan, with whom I've written 3 pilots over the last few years, and this is our dream come true because we met after our daytime careers were pretty much over (the shows were dying)...and now, suddenly, we are the co-head writers and we couldn't be more thrilled. What a blessing!

Susie has posted several pictures of us "hard at work" sipping martinis--in fact she just handed me one (it's dinner time after all), so I toast you, friends and fans, and I sincerely hope you will support us and tell your friends and start watching One Life To Live come April!

I'll keep you posted as the world here turns...


Meredith Vieira Said to Be in Talks for Daytime Show!

Meredith Vieira, the former co-host of NBC’s TODAY show, is in talks with another division of NBCUniversal about hosting a syndicated talk show.

The daytime series would start no sooner than September 2014, people with knowledge of the discussions said. The people insisted on anonymity because the discussions were private and could end without a deal for a new show.

Crystal Chappell to screen THE GROVE at The Macon Film Festival!

The Macon Film Festival will welcome two-time Emmy Award-winning actress, writer and producer Crystal Chappell as a special guest at the 2013 festival which will be held February 14 - 17, at various venues in downtown Macon.

Chappell will screen the pilot episode of her latest web series "The Grove" at the Cox Capitol Theatre, on Friday, February 15.

The soap opera actress-turned producer is well know to daytime television audiences for her Emmy Award-winning role as Olivia Spencer on "Guiding Light".

Peter Reckell sets the record straight about his exit from DAYS OF OUR LIVES!

"The money thing wasn't an issue for me," Reckell clarifies. "Not having storyline, not being able to do anything artistic there was my issue… I just want the people who support me to know the real reason why I'm not there."

GH Star's Marriage Ends!

GENERAL HOSPITAL fans will recall that back in September, 2012, Chad married Taylor Novack in his home state of Arizona. But sadly, according to the young actor, "It didn't work out," and their marriage was annulled late last year.

Duell told Soaps In Depth exclusively that "It was just too soon. I think we weren't ready." But he also allows that "It is the best thing for both of us."

More OLTL Casting News!

Digest has learned that a casting call has been placed for the contract roles of Matthew Buchanan and Destiny, for Prospect Park's online reboot of OLTL. The parts were previously played by Eddie Alderson and Shenell Edmonds, respectively, until the show's ABC finale.

The call also includes the character of Billy, described as "Caucasian, 30s, ruggedly handsome. Charming yet naïve when it comes to relationships. He falls in love first and thinks second. He is a man of strong values who puts family before all else."

From 1992-93, Ryan Phillippe portrayed daytime's first gay teen in the role of Billy Douglas, but it's unclear whether the role is for the same part.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE Characters On GENERAL HOSPITAL Moving Back To Llanview, At Least Temporarily!

John, Todd and Starr will be moving from GENERAL HOSPITAL back to their original soap, ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

Look for the characters of John, Todd and Starr to at least temporarily exit General Hospital some time in the near future, according to sources. Per the agreement ABC Daytime made when they originally brought on the three One Life to Live characters, GH has to stop using Todd and Co. now that Prospect Park's The Online Network is prepping to relaunch OLTL.

According to the report, Prospect Park wants to use the characters to help launch the new ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

Will Val Chmerkovskiy Make It To General Hospital’s Nurses’ Ball?!

General Hospital Executive Producer Frank Valentini confirmed to AccessHollywood they are looking to get the ballroom hunk back on the ABC soap.

"Yes, we would love to bring Val back," Valentini told Access last week. "It's a little trickier because of scheduling, but if we can bring back Val, you may see him do a little dance with Kelly Monaco."

Val previously appeared on the soap alongside Kelly's on-screen mom, Alexis.

This time around - if the scheduling works - the DWTS pro will appear at the Nurses' Ball, the function spectacle-wearing nurse Sabrina is working hard to revive.

"Yep," Valentini confirmed of the proposed storyline. "We're crossing our fingers. That one is totally based on schedule. We love Val, he loves us, he had a lot of fun working with Nancy."

"Why not have Kelly and Val dance at the Nurses' Ball," actress Lisa Lo Cicero, who plays the newly-psychic Olivia Falconeri, told Access , when we ran into her at the ABC party.

Lisa said Val was on set when she filmed one of her more dramatic moments of Fall 2012 - when Heather threw Olivia down the stairs.

"What a doll," Lisa said of the hunk. "He was there watching the day that I did the stunt where I got thrown down the stairs. It made us all nervous because we didn't want to look like douches in front of Val... He's pretty cool."

Beyond the potential Nurses' Ball dance with Kelly Monaco's character, Sam McCall, the EP is open to having Val return as an occasional guest star.

"Totally. He's got charisma to spare," he said.

While it's unlikely Val's character will mend Sam's broken heart, Valentini said some joy is on the way for Kelly's character, who is in mourning for her husband, Jason, who is presumed dead on the show.

"She's had a lot of misery and I think now she's going to have some fun. She's gonna have a little bit of fun," he said.

General Hospital: Executive Producer Talks Return Of Genie Francis’ Laura Spencer!

Genie Francis is returning to her old stomping grounds, reprising her role as Laura Spencer on General Hospital, and executive producer, Frank Valentini, dropped hints to Access Hollywood about what’s ahead when she returns on February 11.

“She’s coming back because Port Charles is her home and there were reasons why she was away,” he told AccessHollywood.com at ABC’s bash last Thursday, following the TCA Winter Session 2013. “I think it’ll be exciting for the audience to discover what those reasons are and to sort of stay with a little bit of the mystery of Laura’s return.”

Asked if Laura’s return could be related to her daughter Lulu, who has fertility issues, Valentini said it will.

“It will involve that and other things. And a big secret that she’s going to return with,” he said.

“She’s really awesome, she looks fantastic and she’s a lot of fun and we sat down and said, ‘This is what we’re thinking,’ and she liked the idea and we’re gonna make it work,” he said.

The EP hinted that Laura could be around for a while.

“No, it’s not a guest appearance. We’ve hired her, we’ve absolutely hired her,” he said.

Genie is the latest in an increasingly long line of vets brought back under Valentini in the run up to the show’s 50th anniversary this April, including Duke, Faison, Felicia, and most recently, A.J.

“It’s really exciting because they’re such good actors and they’re really seasoned performers,” Valentini said about the return of GH stars of yore. “Everyone that we bring back has a reason and a purpose. We brought back Felicia for Maxie, we brought back Laura for Luke and for Lulu and for other reasons to be determined… We’re constantly trying to move the show forward as well as honor its history and I think that can be done. It’s a lot of work and I’m blessed with a really smart head writer who’s been able to do it.”

John-Paul Lavoisier & Farah Fath will NOT Be Part Of Prospect Park’s One Life to Live!!

Fans hoping for a return of Rex and Gigi and the Balsom clan will be in for a disappointment! Last Friday when posed a question from a fan on her Twitter account, Farah Fath was asked, “Can we expect to see Rex and Gigi on One Life to Live online?” Farah responded, “No.”

In addition, On-Air On-Soaps has confirmed with John-Paul Lavoisier today that it is true, that indeed he will not be part of the Llanview canvas.

Looks like Farah and JP have decided to continue to pursue roles in primetime television and films as pilot season is happening again!

Kin Shriner Returns to General Hospital!

TV Guide can report that Shriner will bring his beloved Scotty Baldwin character back to Port Charles on Feb. 19, just days after the arrival of Francis, his former GH wife. Will Scotty and Laura reunite romantically?

TV Guide: Have you been sitting home, just like us, watching this parade of old-time GH stars and wondering, "Hey, what about Kin Shriner?"
Shriner: I knew if I saw Lucy Coe's duck show up and I still wasn't invited that I should start to get concerned. Something's not right here! I really wanted to go back and be part of all that fun. [Head writer] Ron Carlivati has gone on record saying he's been watching GH since the Scotty and Laura days in the '70s, and you can tell he really loves bringing back that old history.

TV Guide: There are so many story possibilities for bad-boy Scotty. So many dames!
</i>Shriner: There are four or five girls in that town that are ripe for some more Scotty action. Lucy has unfinished business with me, and there's Crazy Heather, Tracy Quartermaine, Anna Devane. He was involved with all of them. And then Laura, of course. I don't know what they've got planned for me. It's very hush-hush-sweet-charlotte down there at ABC these days. Back in the old days we didn't have all this texting and googling and tweeting to spoil storylines but, still, at the Luke and Laura wedding, [exec producer] Gloria Monty kept me locked in a trailer so the secret wouldn't get out that Scotty was there to catch the bouquet. So, really, nothing's changed!</i>

TV Guide: Nothing indeed. Despite all the secrecy, there's one thing certain about Scotty's return — Luke Spencer won't like it one damn bit!
Shriner: Yeah, I don't think he'll be throwing Scotty a party. If my character showed up and was involved with Laura it would really chap Luke's hide. He would want to try and win her back, even if he has moved on with his life. This competition between them goes back 35 years so Ron has so much story to pull from. We thought the '80s at GH were wild, well, this could be even wilder. I start shooting next Tuesday [Jan. 22]. I can't wait to get my grubby hands on that script!

DAYS OF OUR LIVES star Alison Sweeney Blogs: We're All to Blame for Childhood Obesity!

"Can you believe approximately 17 percent of American children ages 2 to 19 years are obese? How about this fact: approximately 60 percent of overweight children ages 5 to 10 already have at least one risk factor for heart disease? We are all to blame for this – parents, schools, kids – all of us."

Kale Browne At Y&R!

There's a Bay City reunion happening at Y&R today with the appearance of soap vet Kale Browne (ex-Michael, AW et al) on-set. "Great seeing Kale Brown on the set of Y&R this morning," posted Mark Pinter (Marcus; ex-Grant, AW et al). "Along with directors Casey Childs and Michael Eilbaum its like old home week!" Whether Browne is there to visit or begin a new job remains to be seen.

Prospect Park's Jeff Kwatinetz on new ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE!

"I hope that everyone understands we really care about making these shows the best they can be and taking the heart and all the great things about them and continuing them…giving actors and writers a little more freedom. We have the best intentions and want to make the shows as good creatively as we can. That's our goal."

Jeff Kwatinetz Wants The New ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE to be "Edgy"!

"Jeff wants controversy for these shows," explains an insider to Daytime Confidential. "He doesn't want the same old return-from-the-dead storylines and things of that nature. He wants the characters dealing with shocking, provocative issues being written about in the newspapers and talked about on the nightly news."

Will Cameron Mathison Rejoin AMC?!

The list of actors who have signed on to the new ALL MY CHILDREN isn't particularly long yet, with Prospect Park still making deals, but what is the likelihood of Cameron Mathison bringing Ryan back to Pine Valley? Not good, as it turns out.

"They contacted me," he tells Soaps In Depth, "and they were great. But I'm in Toronto right now shooting a movie and I've got some stuff going on in L.A. It just wasn't possible for me to shoot AMC in Connecticut right now."

However, all hope is not lost, because the key words there are "right now." Mathison says that while his schedule is currently booked up, they're "leaving it open" as far as a future return to AMC.

Marlene McPherson Named Head Writer of All My Children!

Soap Opera Network can confirm that former Days of our Lives Head Writer Marlene McPherson has been named Head Writer of Prospect Park’s online version of All My Children.

While rumors had been running rampant for weeks, Soap Opera Network held off on reporting her heading up AMC’s writing team due to the lack of solid intel. Details on whether McPherson will be receiving a co-head writer as One Life to Live has with Horgan and Racina remains unclear. A formal announcement from Prospect Park is expected in the coming weeks.

McPherson, along with former Days of our Lives co-head writing partner Darrell Ray Thomas, won the Daytime Entertainment Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team for their 2011 work on the NBC daytime drama series. They shared the award with Dena Higley and Christopher Whitesell.

DAYS: Will sees Sonny and Brian Kiss!!

The latest SOD (2/4/13) features an article about Will and Sonny.

Brian puts the moves on Sonny, fully aware that he's having problems with Will.

Freddie Smith previews that "He catches Sonny at a vulnerable time and he agrees to the date." Smith also points out that Will's secret that he fathered Gabi's baby played a huge role in Sonny's decision to go out with Brian. "In contrast to Will, Brian seems more mature and seems to have his life together," Smith says.

Wile Sonny is with Brian, the two kiss-and it's seen by Will. But, later, when Brian tries to have sex with Sonny, he backs off, saying that he isn't ready to get that close. Will, meanwhile, runs into Justin, who lends a sympathetic ear.

Unfortunately, that doesn't stop Brian from gloating to Will that he had sex with Sonny.

The Week In The Year 2000!

After a tearful goodbye with Trevor, Janet tried coping without him. She admitted the truth -- that she had killed Sophie -- to Hayley and Brooke. Both pledged to support her, as well as Trevor's decision to take the blame. Mateo and Hayley got closer after Mateo heroically plucked Hayley from the burning warehouse. Ryan broke up with Greenlee. Scott had his surprise party. Adam plotted to use Leo as a tool of revenge against Marian. David told the Greenlees that Vanessa had killed his father. Alex consulted Rae about a young patient's sudden silence. Alex had another flashback when she saw David tending to the patient. Liza returned with divorce papers for Adam, but Adam responded by locking her and himself in the safe room.

Jake cheered up Lucinda when she received divorce papers from James Stenbeck. John earned the ire of his family, including Andy, when he blasted Denise's motherhood in an interview with Jake and the City Times. Isaac stole Camille's diary and made the fantasy she'd written down come to life. Chris and Abigail got locked in the library when it closed for the night. Andy got into an argument with an insecure Denise and ripped up the custody relinquishment papers.

To escape Tawny's threats, Becky said that she'd leave Venice. Brooke responded to Ridge's kiss. Taylor told Thorne she was leaving Ridge because she knew that he and Brooke still cared for each other. Thorne later saw Ridge and Brooke kissing. Amber reluctantly agreed to let Becky see baby Eric. Kimberly told Rick she was ending her modeling career.

Salem mourned the death of "Hope." Brandon and Sami got closer. Chloe started school at Salem High. Nicole put her plan to break up Greta and Eric into motion. John stole files from Marlena's office. Marlena caught John putting the files back but was glad he had taken them. Stefano and Hope continued to try to contact the outside world.

Jason said his goodbyes and left Port Charles for good. Carly was dumbfounded to discover she was pregnant with Sonny's child. Roy and Hannah revealed on the docks that they were indeed father and daughter. Monica and Alan began to play the roles of fighting married people in order to divorce and have Alan marry Gertrude. Jax and Chloe spent more time together, but Chloe began to get cold feet.

Cassie, Olivia, and Josh thought Reva and Richard wanted to be together and were unaware that the only reason they were together was to be with Jonathan. As Richard and Reva bonded with Jonathan, they both realized that it was over between them, and Jonathan needed to remain with his parents. Richard realized he really loved Cassie, and she was determined to stay in San Cristobel for her kids, whether or not Richard ever loved her. Reva and Richard parted as friends and wished each other happiness. Carmen told Pilar that Vanessa had shot Ben, and if she loved Bill, she had to leave him. Pilar's behavior confused Bill. Ruth told Michelle that she had lied, but Carmen used Danny to get to Ruth before she testified before the D.A., and then escalated her plan to eliminate Vanessa. Selena and Buzz took their relationship to a new level. Edmund pressed all of Phillip's buttons, and still held the "videotape" as his final trump card. Beth and Jim prepared to move in together. Harley and Phillip rekindled their romance in New York. As Harley told Phillip she wanted another child, a frantic Beth called Phillip in New York to tell him she was pregnant with his child.

Skye questioned John Sykes about his family history. Bo arrested Will. Asa showed Jessica copies of the cancelled checks Roseanne had signed. Viki's mammogram showed a "suspicious area," which required further tests. Will apologized to Sam for his recent behavior. Sam forgave Will, and he and Nora promised to defend him. Jessica told Will she hoped he rotted in jail. Roseanne convinced Cris to marry her right away. Ben chose revenge on Asa over his relationship with Viki. Kelly decided she was going to tell Joey the truth about New Year's Eve. Skye told Blair that Max knew about her stealing his money. Sam tried to convince Ben not to shoot Asa. Nora unsuccessfully tried to get Asa to confess. Jessica flew to New York City and found Roseanne in her wedding dress.

Tabitha threatened to hurt Fluffy unless Timmy gave her the page showing how she could lure Charity to the dark side -- and have her kill Miguel. The DNA test proved that Pilar was right to believe that the dead man had not been Martin. Sheridan feared that she might have to kill the real Martin after all. A desperate Eve set fire to Orville's apartment to prevent Chad from learning about his past. Charity unwittingly handed Miguel one of Tabitha's poisoned cookies.

Nikki was about to leave Victor. They both felt their marriage had fallen apart. Tricia hit Tony in a motorcycle accident. Tony's final wish was to make Megan his wife. Tony thought Tricia had hit him on purpose and wanted to break him and Megan up for good. Christine felt she should reassess her career placement with Legal Aid. Jill took a sudden trip to St. Louis, Missouri, to find Mac's mother. Billy and Raul had grown apart in many ways, and Raul felt that Billy was not the same person he had once known. Cassie found out about Tony's death and was totally devastated. Victoria did her photo shoot for Brash & Sassy and wanted Gary present for the shoot. Not long after, she got flowers from her biggest fan, which shocked her. Brittany and Billy planned for spring break. Sam got news of Callie's pending divorce from Trey and decided to keep it under wraps. Brad resigned from Newman Enterprises. Jack was surprised, and he wondered why. Dr. Reese asked if Olivia was the attending physician to Tony Viscardi and was worried about her stress level on the job.


Monday ("Marlena Confronts Kristen")
Marlena demands to know how long Kristen's torture of Brady will go on; Jennifer confides in Hope about Chloe.

Tuesday ("Framing Kristen")
Nicole tries to frame Kristen; Jennifer is shaken by Chloe's stunt; Billie tells Kate she wants nothing to do with her mom's schemes.

Wednesday ("Kristen's Realization")
Kristen realizes she's been played; Rafe asks Gabi and Nick to postpone their wedding; Rafe asks Hope about Bo's extended absence.

Thursday ("Brady Confronts Kristen")
Brady confronts Kristen about lying to him; Will comes close to catching Nick plotting against him.

Friday ("Daniel and Jennifer's Plan")
Chloe learns of Daniel and Jennifer's plan to go away for the night and is unable to stop it; Rafe warns Sami to stay away from his office.

(Emma Goes Missing)
1/28, Patrick panics when Emma goes missing while under Bitt's care; Kristina lashes out at Connie and blames her for Trey's death.

(The Search)
1/29, The search for Emma continues and things get ugly when accusations start flying regarding the little girl's disappearance

(Dropping the Charges)
1/30, Michael and Starr beg Connie to drop the charges against Kristina

(Sonny and Connie)
1/31, Sonny and Connie battle it out; John receives a strange call; Patrick wants little to do with Britt after Emma's disappearance.

(Bringing Ellie Home)
2/1, Spinelli brings Ellie home; AJ and Elizabeth continue to grow closer, with AJ sharing his frustration over the ELQ developments.

(Hope Takes Advantage)
1/28, With Steffy away, Hope zeroes in on Liam; Eric is a good listener to Taylor.

(The Promise)
1/29, Brooke makes a promise to Hope about Katie; Eric interrupts Thomas and Rick's quarrel.

(Dayzee's Situation)
1/30, Dayzee finds herself in an uncomfortable situation with Maya; Taylor shows her appreciation to Eric for helping Thomas.

(Steffy Flies Back From Paris)
1/31, Steffy returns home and is excited to share her news with Liam; Marcus introduces his brother Carter to the Forresters.

(Brooke's Encouragement)
2/1, Hope lets Rick know how close she and Liam have become in Steffy's absence; Brooke encourages Liam to make amends with Hope.

1/28, Carmine tries to cheer up Lauren; the past haunts Leslie.

1/29, Dylan McAvoy comes to town.

1/30, Nikki receives stunning news; Adam wants Chelsea to give him another chance.

1/31, Chloe and Chelsea end up with an unexpected business partner; Dylan wants to see Avery.

2/1, Lily discovers more about Tyler; Lauren and Michael want to learn the truth about Jamie.

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professor_chaos 26th-Jan-2013 03:45 am (UTC)
Thank the Lord Almighty that we won't have to suffer any more Rex & Gigi shenanigans on the OLTL reboot. They had the most insufferable stories for way too long.
isntdaveone 26th-Jan-2013 03:54 am (UTC)
i don't know why they had to bring her character back the dead in a ridiculous, complicated, convuluted drawn out to hell storyline.

she was better off dead!!
winonaforever 26th-Jan-2013 12:27 pm (UTC)
+1 They were a mess
browneyedguuurl 26th-Jan-2013 04:40 pm (UTC)
I liked Gigi away from Rex. She was pretty awesome. And I actually liked Rex with Adriana before they decided to make her a bitch.
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