FFAF: January 25 2013

Five years ago today, January 25, 2008, I made a post here in ONTD. The post was two things, firstly announcing a CD contest, blah blah blah. BUT. The post was ALSO..



ONTD had ffafs long ago, but once FFAF returned that fateful day, they never stopped. Heath Ledger had recently passed away and people were generally down. FFAF emerged as a place to be random. There was no "roundup" post daily to chatter in, so FFAF filled that void.

The post was slow moving at first, but eventually became a staple of every Friday. I know people have comments ready to copy and paste in the comment box here, in hopes to get on the first few pages. (Which means no one will reply to the fact that this is the 5 year anniversary for like, 4 pages)

I'm glad that everyone enjoys FFAF and it is a lovely time for all of us to come together. So here's to 5 years and to 5 more.

How has your life changed in the past 5 years?

I can tell you the RULES HAVE NOT. No porn/spam/nudes/fighting/advertising/yaknow

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