"I ... look back at 'Mean Girls' as my best work."

Amanda Seyfried thinks of 'Mean Girls' as her best work

We make it a point to watch "Mean Girls" whenever it pops up on TV, so we're happy to hear that Amanda Seyfried loves it just as much as we do.

The actress starred in the 2004 pop culture classic as the ditzy Karen Smith, something of a breakout role for the then 18-year-old Seyfried. (And the golden note for most of us when it comes to Lindsay Lohan's career, but we digress.)

With the Oscar-nominated "Les Misérables" and now "Lovelace" (the biopic of adult film actress Linda Lovelace) under her belt, Seyfried recognizes how far she's come from telling the weather with her breasts.

"It's been such a slow move for me," Seyfried told IndieWire. "I've just worked a long time. I’ve gotten a lot of cool opportunities here and there and I’ve made some good choices with the help of my amazing team. ... I still look back at 'Mean Girls' as my best work."

Reason being, she continued, is because she was "so innocent. I was so green. I look back and I’m like, ‘Really, I thought I was doing a terrible job.’ But it was written so well and so wonderfully directed. [Director] Mark Waters made me look good; he made me funny. And Tina Fey wrote the coolest script of all time."

But Seyfried has not only gone on to claim larger roles - the passage of time has made her that much more comfortable with her body and sex, especially on camera.

"Lovelace" demanded that that actress get pretty intimate with her co-star Peter Sarsgaard, who portrays Lovelace's husband, Chuck Traynor, but Seyfried told IndieWire that neither she nor Sarsgaard felt that uncomfortable about their "private parts."

"I think it’s just our mutual understanding of we needed to be naked a lot of points in the movie and it wasn’t a big deal. It’s like a costume," she said. "I don’t know why I feel comfortable. To be honest, when I was younger, I was terrified of sex. I don’t know what happened over the years. I now have an appreciation for it, for people who don’t put so much heaviness on it."


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