Parks and Recreation 5.12 Promo Pictures


ORANGE – Camilla Andreas stood on her tiptoes, trying to peer over the crowd of two dozen spectators, hoping to shoot a cell-phone picture of one of her favorite stars.
She waited for nearly an hour until filming broke and Amy Poehler walked by a mere few inches from her.

"I got it!" screamed the Santa Ana resident, as she help up her phone. "I got a perfect photo of Amy waving at me."
Poehler and the cast and crew of "Parks and Recreation" spend Monday filming scenes in Old Towne Orange for an upcoming episode of the NBC-TV comedy.
Poehler plays a councilwoman in the fictional town of Pawnee, Ind. Orange is playing the role of Partridge, Minn., another fictional town that's home to one of the characters in the show. The episode, "Partridge," is scheduled to air March 14.
Crews arrived before 6:30 a.m. to set up cameras, lights and equipment. Filming began by 8:30 a.m. with a scene that included Poehler and actors Annabeth Gish and J.K. Simmons walking across the plaza.
A couple of dozen spectators hovered around the set, snapping pictures of the stars between takes. By noon, the crowd had swelled to more than 100.
Chapman University students Carrie Jones and Marisa Nguyen raced over from the school's dorms when they read a friend's tweet about the filming.
"I've never seen a real-life Hollywood shoot," said Jones, a freshman from Colorado. "I hope I can get an autograph."
Poehler did sign a few autographs as she was ushered into an SUV after filming broke for lunch. The crowd swarmed the actress before she signed about a half-dozen.
One fan shouted, "Amy Poehler, you're my heroine!"
Crews filmed at the plaza and at Chapman University for the one-day shoot. The show's executive producer, Morgan Sackett, said Old Towne serves as the perfect setting for Partridge.
"We drove around the area, looking for that small-town look," Sackett said. "We really liked the way Orange looked. There aren't many places in Southern California with town squares that can pass for a Midwest town."
Crews also scouted locations in Tustin and Santa Ana before they settled on Orange.
For more than six decades, crews have used Old Towne's folksy charm for big-time studio movies, national TV shows and commercials. At least 20 feature films have captured Old Towne's circle, plaza, and historic storefronts and homes.
Oscar-winner Tom Hanks spent weeks here for 1996's "That Thing You Do" with scenes shot in Watson Drug & Soda Fountain and Mr. C's Records. Another Oscar winner, Ben Affleck, and actor James Gandolfini shot scenes around the plaza for the 2003 movie "Surviving Christmas." Katie Holmes ran from paparazzi through streets and alleys of Old Towne as she played the lead role in "First Daughter" in 2004.
By the afternoon, filming had moved to Chapman University where Memorial Hall served as Partridge's City Hall. Poehler and actor Adam Scott filmed several scenes on the steps of the building and in the lawn in front. Filming then moved back to Old Towne for the rest of the afternoon.
Linda Jordan, from Orange, and her niece Tara Werner, from Santa Ana, sat outside Café Lucca with a front-row viewing of a scene of involving Poehler and Scott causally walking down the sidewalk.
"We are both fans of the show," Werner said. "I didn't realize they would be so close to us. This is really cool."
Register reporter Sarah Tully contributed to this report.

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I LOVED last night's episode.