5:52 pm - 01/24/2013

90s kids rejoice: Web browser that no one uses makes a really cool commercial

Internet Explorer ad tugs at heartstrings of Gen-Y users

Whether you love or hate Internet Explorer, you've got to admit that some of its ads are pretty good.

Microsoft's latest IE ad, dubbed “Child of the 90s,” tries to appeal to people who remember the web browser at its worst.

The video shows snapshots of passing 1990s fads, such as Slap Wraps and Pogs. Meanwhile, a narrator describes how things were different back then. (My favorite line: “Lunch was a puzzle, not a picture,” spoken while stacks of Lunchables arrange themselves for an Instagram-style photo.) Take a look.

Source http://youtu.be/qkM6RJf15cg

Brought to you by Lunchables :) ONTD, what's your fave memory from this?

tankmachine 25th-Jan-2013 12:16 am (UTC)
fuck i really hate 90s nostalgia

yes we get it the 90s were the best ever etc
the_pinkdress 25th-Jan-2013 01:21 am (UTC)
IA tbh.

Don't get me wrong I have nostalgia for my 90s childhood but it's like people of my generation are so obsessed with their own nostalgia. Everyone feels that way about when they grew up-- the outfits, the games, the tv shows.
tankmachine 25th-Jan-2013 01:23 am (UTC)
mte like obviously I like a lot of 90s stuff having been a lil kid during the time but come on

i just hate nostalgia of any decade tbh like if I have to hear my dad complaining about the world was better in the 70s or w/e rme
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