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I downloaded it a few years back because I was hit by a wave of nostalgia (I also dl'd Prehistorik 2, Bubble Bobble, and Ski or Die) and played it a few times. Lol, it was kind of disappointing, tbh, because most of it was plodding along and you couldn't even do other stuff like browse online while the Oregon Trail window was going because the game would pause the moment it wasn't the main window.

The only fun part was the hunting, but then there was this one point where I was hunting and just shooting down all this game, even though I knew that "I" could only carry back like 200lbs and the rest would go back. There were all these corpses of buffalo on the screen and it hit me that I was contributing to the historical slaughter of wild buffalo, thereby ruining the lives of the virtual Native Americans who depended on them.

After that, I stopped playing.