2:20 pm - 01/24/2013

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Manti TE'o Releases Voicemails From "Lennay Kekua"

Manti Te'o has released 3 voicemails he claims he received from "Lennay Kekua" during the hoax -- in which Lennay comes off as a very jealous ... and very emotional person The first VM was supposedly left on Manti's phone right before she began her first round of chemotherapy for the fake cancer. During the call, Lennay says, "Just wanted to call you and keep you posted ... I miss you, I love you ... bye."

FYI -- TMZ has confirmed the person doing the voice of Lennay on the voicemails is Ronaiah Tuiasosopo.

Call #2 is a sobbing mess ... in which Lennay accuses Manti of having another girl in his room. Lennay tells Manti, "I don't know why you don't answer your phone ... and I don't care." She continues, "This is my last time trying ... you made it clear what you want."

Manti claims Call #3 was placed on September 11, 2012 -- the day before she supposedly died. During the call, Lennay tells Manti, "Hey babe, I’m just calling to say goodnight.  I love you." She adds, "I know that you’re probably doing homework or you’re with the boys, or a girl maybe, just razzing.  I just want to say I love you and goodnight and I’ll be okay tonight, I’ll do my best.  So, yeah, get your rest and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.  I love you so much hun, sweet dreams."

Manti released the voicemails to Katie Couric -- and will discuss them during his sit-down interview on her talk show.


Katie Couric is giving me life right now on this interview. I am dying.
joliefoliepolie 24th-Jan-2013 09:08 pm (UTC)
Meh, the only person I actually leave voicemails for IS my boyfriend. But I still think they're BS. I wanna hear what this Ronaiah sounds like normally, because that girl voice sounds pretty authentic to be "made up" by a dude.
Not to mention, who saves these voicemails? I can understand maybe the last one because it was the last one before she died, but why the others? Especially the one of her crying?
distant_lines 24th-Jan-2013 09:11 pm (UTC)
With iPhones, even voicemails you delete you can still go into a deleted messages folder and get them.
galagooo 24th-Jan-2013 09:14 pm (UTC)
I never delete my voicemails.
actxappalledx 24th-Jan-2013 09:48 pm (UTC)
i never delete voicemails lol. i dont really listen to them either, but i dont delete them
mhfromnh 24th-Jan-2013 09:51 pm (UTC)
I saved the crazy voicemails from my sister. for example the one that was merely "AY YO BABY AY O BAY-BY" *click* also, the time she called to check in and said "I'll just assume you're doing something dangerous like selling drugs or prostituting yourself"
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