Clea Duvall makes out with her girlfriend at the park

Argo star Clea DuVall shares lesbian kisses with female friend during day of passion in the par

Throughout her career, she has played a number of gay characters, most recently a closeted school teacher in American Horror Story: Asylum.
And it seems life imitates art somewhat for actress Clea DuVall who indulged in a passionate kissing session with a female friend in a Los Angeles park on Sunday.
The 35-year-old lay on a blanket for the afternoon with the mystery female, and the pair kissed and cuddled in the sunshine.

Dressed casually in denim jackets, jeans and T-shirts, the ladies seemed oblivious to passers by and park goers exercising nearby.  Clea, who is not thought to have publicly made any kind of statement on her sexuality, recently said she isn't worried about being typecast in gay roles. 'I don’t think it matters much anymore,' she told website Vulture last October.  'There was a stigma playing gay characters before that there just isn’t now.


'When I started acting in the early nineties, that was a bigger consideration, but now it doesn’t feel like that much of a big deal,' she said.

'You look at how many gay characters are on television and in movies and actors just aren’t afraid to do that any more. I think because there are more of those roles, the fear and the novelty of it have kind of gone away.' The star engaged in a lesbian kiss in 1999 film But I'm A Cheerleader and has played gay characters in Carnivale, Ghosts of Mars and Saving Grace.



The star ecently starred in Ben Affleck's Oscar nominated film Argo, playing one of six American embassy staff who escape an siege in Iran.

Clea revealed how she and the rest of the cast had to stay in a house together to prepare for their roles

'We weren’t allowed to go outside,' she tol Vulture. #39;There was one cast member who did repeatedly go outside to go swimming in the pool -Tate Donavan. And he justified it by saying that his character goes outside in the movie, so it was okay.

'But the rest of us stayed inside the entire time. No cell phones, no computers. There was a phone in the house for emergencies, but we weren’t allowed to talk on the phone

'And they stocked the house with all magazines and newspapers and movies from the seventies. And during the day, we did research and watched movies. And then at night, we would eat dinner, and we would get drunk. And play games.'


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