Is Queen ✩ Jessica CHRISTain ✩ dating ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ co-star Jason Clarke?

There were rumors abounding that Jessica Chastain was dating fellow redhead Tom Hiddleston, but alas, those rumors turned out to be false. However, for those following Chastain’s love life, it seems that she has been keeping her current beau a secret. She was pictured a couple of weeks ago [can be seen here] on New Years Eve in NYC with her boyfriend, but as the pictures were taken from the back, it wasn’t clear who the mystery man was. However, based on height and facial scruff, the man could be her ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and ‘Lawless’ co-star Jason Clarke.

Chastain gave a special shout-out to Clarke during her Golden Globes acceptance speech, although she didn’t single out any other actors from the cast. She has previously spoken about her desire to keep her romantic life private, and she has also said that she wouldn’t date actors. Is she breaking her no-actor rule for Jason Clarke? We’ll likely soon find out as Chastain’s star is on the rise, and the unfortunate effect of that will be more paparazzi and public interest in her private life.

Chastain also recently spoke about winning the Golden Globe in an interview on the Today Show, saying, “I’m still you know, not quite used to it because it’s been within this week. A friend of mine told me I should just walk around with [the Globe] leading me.”


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