This Is A Blind Items Post.

1.) This B list usually all movie actress, but who will hit the cable circuit from time to time has had a problem with bulimia for the past decade. Yeah, she has been around about that long. She has worked on her body issues and has gained about 20 pounds in the past few months. Still probably a size 2, she has lost out on three or four roles recently after producers thought she was too heavy so now she has not kept anything down for two weeks to try to lose the 20 pounds. She was literally shaking and almost fainting at an event this week.

2.) This former almost A list all movie actor has had a hard time getting much work in the past couple of years. Did I mention he is in the closet to the public so hard that he would freak out if there was any light at all coming in? Probably one of the more famous beard relationships in Hollywood. No longer seeing his long time boyfriend, our actor now uses the services of two Thai guys when he needs umm, some stress relief. Problem is he needs to go to their massage shop to get it and one of these days someone will talk or release what must be some CCTV video.

3.) This very recent reality star is already making demands and acting like a diva. Apparently she thinks she is the biggest star on a reality show despite her not being in anything ever before and is driving everyone crazy. When someone pointed out the long entertainment history of one of the cast members, our recent star said, "But what has she done lately? Everyone knows me."

4.) This actress is starting to make a name for herself. A big name. Went from C list to just about an all A list movie actress in a very short time. Some of her actions lately though have everyone concerned that she is going off the rails. She had been hanging out with another almost A list movie actress who is about her same age and that actress got her hooked on smoking. Not really blind item worthy although her parents are apparently anti-smoking fiends. This probably leads to the smoking a cigarette with a fork so she does not get her hands or fingers stained. I saw a kid doing that on the street the other day. Is this a new trend? Did I miss the silverware becoming a cigarette holder memo? Anyway, our actress also started going to parties and ended up meeting a 30 something producer who is well over twice the age of our actress. Yeah, I have no idea why he would want a tweener either. Probably can't get it up and thinks she won't care. He has been traveling internationally with our actress. Not with her, but on the same itinerary and they sneak around when they can. She missed a photo call recently because she was holed up in his hotel room and told her parent that she had been walking the city and lost track of time. He also introduced her to coke. Just a little bit and apparently she is in love with it. Such promise and something bad is going to happen unless someone steps in. Problem is she is a huge meal ticket for the parents.

5.) What former A list reality star was at Sundance offering herself up for interviews with any media outlet that would take her? There were no takers. None. Publicists were begging, but no one wanted anything to do with the former hated reality star.

6.) This B-/C+ list actress on a maybe hit network show who made her fame doing something else hired a pap this week to follow her shopping in hopes of getting noticed by store personnel and picking up free stuff. It worked, but not as well as she hoped. She wanted a $4000 bag, but the store would only discount it, so she passed. They did give her a few hundred bucks worth of free stuff.

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