HBO Reveals GoT Season Two Blu-ray Retailer Exclusives


HBO has released a list of retailer exclusive editions of Game of Thrones: The Complete Second Season. Perhaps most anticipated are the alternative cover art versions, which will be sold by Best Buy. 

Barnes & Noble

Exclusive Stark tote bag (available with the purchase of Blu-ray with HBO Select or DVD ).

Best Buy

Exclusive Sigil Packaging featuring House Greyjoy and House Lannister (only available on Blu-ray with HBO Select).


A 72 page excerpt companion book from Bryan Cogman’s “Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones.” The book features interviews with key actors, house histories, family trees, and introductions from George R.R. Martin and the show’s creators. (available with the purchase of Blu-ray with HBO Select).


Exclusive bonus disc includes “Westeros at War.” A never-before-seen interview with George R.R. Martin providing his insights into the characters and locations featured in the second season of Game of Thrones. Plus four behind-the-scenes featurettes (available with the purchase of Blu-ray with HBO Select).


Exclusive bonus disc includes “Inside the Visual Effects.” 20 minutes of never-before-seen content featuring the Emmy® Award-winning Visual Effects team. (available with the purchase of Blu-ray with HBO Select).

Winter Is Coming: urprised they didn’t release a Baratheon cover for season two, considering the Baratheon family was such a huge part of the storyline. That Greyjoy cover is sweet though. And that Target bonus disc sounds pretty cool too. Which editions will you be grabbing?

I'll prob buy my copy of season 2 from amazon lbr. You guys think these are worth it? I'm a cheap bitch, so I don't have my mind made up on the blu-rays or not