oic cat
I only ever under-tipped once, and yeah, she was insanely shitty. My friend and I just wanted dessert. It middle of the week, 10:00 at night, there were maybe two other tables. Waitress leaves our table after we're seated before we can even tell her we already know what we want. 20 minutes goes by. I see her chatting with another waitress across the restaurant. After a few minutes of trying to make eye contact, I walk over and tell her we're ready to order. She acted like I was just ruining her day, I swear. She was pretty curt and rude after that. Took forever to get our ice cream. I'm sorry, but if you're going to be a mega-douche you will get a shitty tip from me. If it was crowded I would understand waiting a while and even a bad attitude, but for fuck's sake.

I haven't seen her there since, I can only assume she got fired. That was the only time I ever left a bad tip.