Adam Lambert & Cyndi Lauper to record duet?

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Remember earlier this year when we shared with you an amazing collaboration between Adam Lambert and Cyndi Lauper of “Mad World” during a performance in New York City? Well, we just have even more amazing news to share with you. Lambert and Lauper were so great on stage and their chemistry was perfect. Their voices join incredibly well together. In fact, they were so good that they will most likely record the song together.

A source exclusively reveals:

“Adam and Cyndi talked after their performance. They want to record their duet of Mad World at the studio and release it. It’s just a project they want to do for fun.”

This is pretty cool news. We are most definitely excited to be able to buy a collaboration like this. Are y’all excited or what?


this could be cool. if you missed the original duet, it's here