but didn't she write everything that he said?
dunham has been saying that hannah as a character is a more extreme amalgam of girls she knows/writes about and that she's really misguided and makes a lot of mistakes. so, yeah, in a sense i agree that danny glover's character being a black republican is short hand for saying black folks aren't a monolithic group of ppl and even though the louder critics may all fall all one side doesn't mean they speak for ALL black folks or ppl of color.
AND it's also somewhat significant that he was critical and didn't much care for Hannah the character's writing... and not merely because she was a woman writing and womens' sexuality either.

all that said i still think lena dunham tries way too fucking hard, but folks got their critiques going a bit too far/trying to say too much. there's enough to critique without trying to put words/meanings in her mouth.