Amanda Brown from The Voice talks to VibeVixen, covers 'Piece of my heart' and performs 'Dream On'..

Amanda Brown from The Voice talks to VibeVixen, covers 'Piece of my heart' and performs 'Dream On' for Stevie Wonder's House Full of Toys Benefit.

There’s no stopping Amanda Brown! Since her shocking elimination on season three of NBC “The Voice” she has gained even more motivation to take her powerful vocal chops into the spotlight where it was destined to be. Brown recently did a show with Stevie Wonder who she calls a musical alien. “He’s out of this world, not human.” Brown gushes on performing with the man she’s been musically influenced by her whole entire life. I had an opportunity to connect with her before one of her studio recording sessions leading up to her first solo debut. Here are some highlights from our interview:

You had quite the journey as an artist even before The Voice. How did it all begin?
I auditioned for Alicia keys in 2007. I got the gig and toured with her for a few years, then left and started to try to make it as a solo artist. After that I got offered to sing background for Adele and I did. Throughout that time I was still trying to make something happen for myself as an artist.

It’s amazing that your voice was so undeniable that you sang back up for some of the biggest artist in the world today. At that point in this experience you must have known that you couldn’t just be in the background.
I think I just wanted to sing and speak my own words. It’s great supporting other artists that are as gifted as Alicia and Adele but I think that I just have a desire to create my own space on stage. That’s what I wanted to do and make that contribution to the world.

Did you ever fantasize about snatching the mic away from them?
(Laughs) No not at all. I had amazing experiences and I wouldn’t be who I am today if I hadn’t tried those experiences. I’m grateful to the people who are responsible for giving me that job and having me be able to travel the world, perform in arenas and support such talented artists. Every experience was a learning experience and growing opportunity.

You had a lot of great moments on the show. Was there an experience that wasn’t so great for you?
You know there’s always points where you may get frustrated with a process leading up to a performance. There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes in preparation before that one big performance that everybody sees. For me I’m in this because I love performing and I love music so that helps me focus on the things I enjoy and love and not focus on the negative. I try not to focus on the negatives past the moment of them happening. I’d rather not even talk about them. (Laughs)

Fair enough. Can you kind of gage who’s going home and who’s not after performing on the show?
There are so many talented people on the show so you don’t really know who’s going home. It really just comes down to preference, who America votes for and relates to more. There a number of things that come into play with voting and for me I just tried to give the best performance I could every time and hope that was enough to keep me on the show.

Did you have any idea that you were going home?
You know I kind of felt I might be because I looked at the iTunes chart and I was not as high as the other people in that episode. So I kind of prepared myself to go home, but there’s instances where people were low on iTunes but ended up staying over someone who was above them. You can speculate but at the end of the day you never know.

Did you feel let down by your mentor?
At the end of the day it’s really up to America to vote. I feel like Adam did all he could to help me out and then it was up to America. So no not at all.

It truly was the most shocking elimination of the season and a lot of your fans definitely expressed that with their support.
It’s really nice to have people support me through this and it makes it that much easier to move on to the next step. Everything happens for a reason and I believe in speaking positive things into the universe and hopefully they come back to you.

What can we expect to hear on your new project?
My soulful and my alternative side. Soul and rock are two prominent genres that I’m influenced by but it’s going to be definitely on the acoustic side.

Do you have a single picked yet?
I’m still writing and recording but do not have a single picked yet. When I hear it I will know that’s its good enough

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