Dean O'Gorman: An Almighty Hobbit

Actor Dean O'Gorman won his first lead role in a feature film in Bonjour Timothy at the age of 17. Soon after he starred in Shortland Street, then went on to appear in a long list of international and local TV dramas including Young Hercules, McLeod's Daughters and The Almighty Johnsons. O'Gorman's next big screen appearance will be in The Hobbit.

In this ScreenTalk, O'Gorman talks about:

- Getting the lead role in Bonjour Timothy at just 17
- Being at the mercy of the writers on Shortland Street
- Learning to play with swords on the set of Xena
- A physically demanding role on Young Hercules
- Playing a gay character in the film When Love Comes
- Being a "man women would like to see" on McLeod's Daughters
- A small but satisfying role in Serial Killers
- Learning to play cricket with his left hand for Tangiwai: A Love Story
- Being more conservative in real life than his character in The Almighty Johnsons