Hart of Dixie writers are ruining this show

The CW has released the official guide of Hart of Dixie season 2 episode 14 titled “Take Me Home, Country Roads” — which airs on Tuesday, Feb. 5th.

1. George (Scott Porter) is given the responsibility of watching Tansy’s (guest star Mircea Monroe) most prized possession, her dog, but panics when the dog goes missing.
2. Wade (Wilson Bethel) starts to feel frustrated by the lack of alone time with Zoe (Rachel Bilson), especially when she is focused more on not losing her good status in the town to a new doctor, Jonah (guest star Travis Van Winkle), who also happens to be Brick’s (Tim Matheson) nephew.
3. Brick is ready to let the town know about his relationship with Shelby (guest star Laura Bell Bundy), but Lemon (Jaime King) and Magnolia (guest star Claudia Lee) are doing everything they can to get rid of her.
4. Meanwhile, Lavon (Cress Williams) wants to take a chance on a new relationship, but first has to clear the air with one person.

Bluebell Holds A Spring Break Party! Who Gets Slapped?

In season 2 episode 18 of Hart of Dixie, the town of Bluebell will be holding a festivity that calls for crazy college kids and a palooza of drinks and fun! Are you geared-up for Bluebell’s own version of Spring Break? Let me give you a few teasers!

1. On the episode titled “Why Don’t We Get…”, Lemon and Wade participate on a hard-body contest, an endurance competition where the last man standing, or technically the last person to take his hand off the boat wins the boat for himself.
2. Meanwhile, Zoe is frustrated because she desires to go out on a date with Jonah, but Brick is pulling ways to stall her. And George might have something to do with it..
3. Mayor Lavon Hayes and Ruby Jeffries continue to flirt with each other but Lavon is confused where their relationship stands.
4. And as Wade tries to win the boat, he lures a pretty college chick by telling a fake dead-daddy story. To his chagrin, the conversation ended with a slap!

E!Online's Spoiler Chat

Ashley R.: I'm loving how adorable zoe and wade are on hart of dixie but I hate seeing lemon so sad! when will she and lavon reunite!? please say soon!
Brace yourself for this piece of scoop. Not only will Lemon and Lavon not reunite any time soon, but in an upcoming episode, something seems to be sparking between Lemon and…Wade! Bluebell is about to have some serious relationship drama.

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wtf writers???? just stop before i boycott this entire show..