Reid (and Morgan hugs)
I can't decide whether or not this was well done or not. I mean, in terms of my long-term love affair with Reid!angst, I'm hitting on all cylinders, but tell me if you've heard this one before:

1. Young woman with a (female) stalker falls for Reid.
2. Reid runs into a situation without his vest and gun and has to (try and) talk down the unsub.
3. A highly educated person who was rejected by their parents flips their shit and starts murdering people because their genius must be respected!

Maybe it's not the most creative or original storyline (at the very least, it seems like pieces of other stories reorganized into telling a different story) but I'm actually cool with Maeve dying. I just didn't see how she and Reid were going to work if she made it through that experience; she would've been so traumatized, and it would've been a very rough start to their physical relationship. It sounds like (based on that same source) the writers are going to have Reid dealing with this for the rest of the season, so I'm interested in seeing how they handle his grief.

I think about this stuff too much...