originally published July 5, 2006

Question: Please help us put an end to our agony: There have been rumors, but do you know for sure if Milo Ventimiglia and Alexis Bledel have broken up? — Marianna

Ausiello: This is your lucky day, Marianna. Last Friday, Milo himself dropped by the TV Guide offices for a quick meet-and-greet with the staff, and guess what question popped out of my mouth first? C'mon, guess. [Pause] Yes — your question! And sadly, it's true. He confirmed that he and Alexis are no longer an item and he's back on the market. The extremely private actor then added with a laugh, "And that's about all you'll get out of me." Well, that's all the private stuff, anyway. Milo did dish about a possible return to Gilmore Girls, saying it's "never going to happen" — especially now that Team Palladino have hit the road. "I felt [Jess' story] was done a long time ago, but Dan and Amy kept saying, 'We got some cool things, and we're really hoping you'll be a part of it.' So I went back and I kind of enjoyed what Jess turned into. He turned into a grown-up. Watching that last episode, I was like, 'It's done.'" Milo said a bunch of other stuff about GG and his roles in Rocky 6 and Heroes, which, if you're interested, I can post in the Ausiello Report later this week, or whenever I feel like it. Just let me know.