3:15 pm - 01/17/2013

Jessie Ware + The Roots on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'

It’s not too late to fall into love with Jessie Ware if you’re late to the ‘this-chick-is-dope’ party. The British soul singer left her heart on the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon stage as she performed her single “Wildest Moments.” Backed by The Roots she seriously belts out the perfect pitch for each note. The melodies dances off her tongue divinely.

Back in December the soulful singer who has been compared to Sade made her first North American debut at New York City’s The Box where she nailed songs from Devotion, which hits stateside in April. If you missed the greatness of Devotion when it was on Spotify, take a listen to her EP If You’re Never Gonna Move in the meantime. Not that it should take much to convince you Jessie’s the next great act to hail from the UK, but her flawless cover of Brownstone‘s “If You Love Me” should seal the deal. It’s true–we want folks to love her as much as we do. Jessie’s the future.

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kamikashi 17th-Jan-2013 08:36 pm (UTC)
totes didnt know she was playing in sf so soon. since its a small venue its already sold out :/. needa find tickets cuz you can literally be like 2ft away from her if you get front row.
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