8:16 pm - 01/17/2013

‘Once Upon a Time’ 2×13 ‘Tiny’ synopsis

Lost star Jorge Garcia will be back as the giant on Once Upon a Time!

Cora brings the giant to Storybrooke, where he unleashes vengeance on the town. Greg asks Belle what she saw on the night of his accident. Emma and Henry go with Mr. Gold to search for his son while Anton the Giant befriends humans.

Following this Sundays episode, “In The Name Of The Brother”, OUAT will be going on a 2 week break. The show will return for the all important “February Sweeps” period on the 3rd February.
yurasama_love 17th-Jan-2013 10:34 pm (UTC)
Ugh, ikr, Belle is my princess and she's just all kinds of fucked up. This show makes me hope Cora and Regina kill everyone.
egalitarianmuse 18th-Jan-2013 03:54 am (UTC)
I feel that way every episode. Maybe they can kill everyone except Belle and Ruby and they can leave Storybrooke and rule the world--or open a magic shop/cafe house, whatever, I'm not picky.
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