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Taylor Swift 'texts Harry wanting to reunite'- says US Weekly
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smolderhotter wrote in ohnotheydidnt
It sounds like Taylor Swift isn't so firm on that whole "never ever getting back together" with exes thing.
The country singer regrets leaving Harry Styles behind during their vacation to the Virgin Islands after their drunken fight, as she thought it would make him apologize and follow her, reports Hollywood Life.
The trouble started on January 3rd, with Harry deciding he needed some time alone during their getaway.
"He got drunk and left Taylor on their boat for a few hours without telling her where he was going," says a source. lol shut up
When he returned, Taylor — who herself had been tossing back a few drinks — was "crying and furious," spills the source
Suddenly, the two were in a fight, and Taylor "called him a d**k and accused him of running around with girls,” although the source maintains that Harry hadn't been cheating. “He didn’t do anything wrong!" loooool
Taylor then thought that leaving the island would teach him a lesson and get him to apologize, but to no avail, as Harry stayed on the island that night to party with Richard Branson.
At this point, Taylor was "a wreck and torn up," and she began texting Harry like crazy, but he wouldn't respond. Why not? "He thinks she's too emotional," explains the insider.
It's possible that Taylor has now accepted that they're dunzo, as she has reportedly reached out to Jennifer Lawrence to set her up with Bradley Cooper. Word has it that Bradley isn't interested.
Sounds like Taylor wishes she could go back to December.

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