Boy Meets World - Celery
a friend of my best friend's used to do things like that. She was like... 14/15 when I heard of her doing it. She would sign up for like with fake profiles and use model's pictures. In real life she was severely overweight, and just a huge bitch. I couldn't stand her. She would talk on the phone with them all the time. One time she even catfished a local radio DJ. I told him the truth once I found out that she was talking to him. I used to call the station all the time and he would give me like free stuff on the regular so I just felt bad.

But in a weird twist, one time that girl did it years later, my best friend ended up talking to the guy she was talking to because she didn't have a cable modem, so she would either have to be on the phone or online, and my friend was like the mediator and would be like "ok call her at this time" like when she was off line or something IDK. But she ended up feeling so bad for him that she told him the truth.

Now my friend and him are married, 2 kids.