Keira Knightley "My body was breaking me"

keira knightley

Keira Knightley is skipping awards season this year, and not just because she doesn’t have any nominations. The actress has revealed that she is on the mend after a life-threatening bout with stress and pleurisy left her struggling to breathe.

“I was rehearsing for this play and then I found in rehearsals it got so bad that I couldn’t stand up any more,” she told Harper’s Bazaar Australia in their latest issue.

“My body at the end of last year was breaking and I thought, ‘I’ve really got to try and do something,’” she explained. “I’ve been trying to get myself into gear.”

Knightley, 27, turned to yoga as a holistic means of healing her issue, but it only made things worse. “I’ve been doing yoga but I’ve already got injuries,” she revealed. “From f*****g yoga.”

Instead she’s been spending quality time at home in London with her boyfriend, James Righton of The Klaxons.