5:55 pm - 01/16/2013

Lena Dunham Goes on The Howard Stern Show, Buries Hatchet

Calling Lena Dunham a “little fat chick” might have been the smartest move Howard Stern’s made in the last several years. Not only did his remarks get repeated by Ms. Dunham while she was on Letterman on Friday, but his very public apology on Monday gave him some extra leverage to pull the Girls creator and star (and recent two-time Golden Globe winner) onto his program today.

Here’s what went down.

Stern lavished her with praise: “I realize: not only am I addicted, but I totally get you. I’m in love with you and your character.”

… but refused to “apologize” for his weight comments: “It’s not about apologizing, although I want to say I’m a fan of yours … I love you and I think you’re terrific.”

Lena insisted she supported Howard, despite the negative comments: “I’m a big fan of your particular brand of free speech.”

There was a little scuffle over word choice when describing her body:

Dunham: “I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit.”

Stern replied that she wasn’t “obese or anything,” then realized his terrible choice of words.

Dunham: (laughing) “Howard Stern says I’m ‘not obese or anything’ … I appreciate it and I appreciate your effort to rectify [this], but whether you’d done that or not, I’d have remained a [Howard Stern] enthusiast.”

Now it’s time to talk about Donald Glover and race!

: “Donald was an actor we always wanted to work with. On HBO, you have 10 episodes. You start with 10 episodes. And it takes you a while to set up your world, to set up your main characters … While I understand the criticism, I felt like we had had only 10 episodes to dig in.”

As for the idea that her show was “too white”? “[Diversity on television is] a conversation that needs to happen. I’m glad to take one for the team.”

Mr. Stern admitted that he hadn’t watched enough episodes of Girls when he made that initial comment. But even last week he had begun changing his mind…specifically once he started a man-crushing on Adam Driver’s character.

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tryxkittie 17th-Jan-2013 10:44 pm (UTC)
"I’m not super thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit.”
— Lena Dunham, suspected Racist, star, and creator of the HBO series, Girls, in an interview with another Racist Suspect, Howard Stern.

Stern had previously shared his scathing assessment of her appearance, calling her a “little fat chick” and saying seeing her naked on screen “felt like rape”.

Note: In a Racist (White Supremacist) society, suspected Racists often use code words to practice Racism, particularly during the refined stage of Racism (White Supremacy) when deceit, rather than violence, is the principal weapon used to dominate all those classified as non-white. In this instance, “Detroit”, an area consisting of a large number of black Victims of Racism, codes for black people in general. Ms. Dunham is simply reinforcing the Racist (White Supremacist) falsehood that black people (black females specifically) are not just more overweight than anyone else but overwhelmingly so. CREE, in her counter-racist film analysis of the loathsome film entitled, The Help, debunked this vicious myth and cited the research that proved that women who classify themselves as “white”, in this area of the world, have no need to look outside their own racial classification for understanding the so-called obesity epidemic. Dunham simply is doing what suspected Racists continuously do, which is remind everyone that there is one group that is especially deserving of mistreatment and that’s black people. The implication of her seemingly innocuous comment is that being overweight is worthy of Stern’s critique in the first place and that quite possibly his disapproving gaze should be directed at a group that the Racists (White Supremacists) say are even more overweight. Both Stern’s behavior and Dunhams subsequent response are repulsive.

Code Suggestion: Rather than petitioning Racists (White Supremacists) to include non-white people in their media, withdraw all support of these works and promote the works of individuals who contribute constructive VALUE to society and who best represent Truth and Justice not Racist (White Supremacist) and misogynist ideas and messages. (via codelens)
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