Jennifer Lawrence continues 2 b a republican

Jennifer Lawrence has got a bit of a reputation for speaking before she's completely thought what would be the most sensible thing to say, and that continued on David Letterman's Late Show as she mistook the US President for America's number one enemy.

Letterman suggested that the actress should've been cast in 'Zero Dark Thirty', a role that if Lawrence had landed could've turned awards season into the Jennifer Lawrence show, but the 'Hunger Games' actress showed why perhaps it was better for Jessica Chastain to get the part.

Lawrence said of being cast in the film, "I should've been in the background like, 'Yeah, catch him! Obama!'" She then had to correct herself, as she'd just effectively told the CIA to go after Obama, Lawrence added:  "Obama?! I mean Osama...Bin Laden! Don't catch Obama! Sorry. Sorry, Mr. President."

Lawrence isn't alone in making the Obama/Osama mistake however, as when Bin Laden was killed news organizations from Fox News to BBC News reportedly made the error.