Same exactly.

My friend's daughter (who is not white) is crazy for this show and has offered to get me some DLs of it (it's not showing here yet), so I figure it must have something going for it. Also, that the criticisms are valid.

Having been a white girl in her 20s in my life, I figure that it's not at all uncommon to see everything through MEMEMEME glasses, and that it can take a while to look beyond oneself and see that you're not AS disempowered as you think you are, and that you DO have privilege that you can't identify yet because MEMEMEMEME.

OTOH I presume Lena Dunham went to university in the last 10 years and it's pretty hard to escape things like intersectionality and race issues and so forth these days, unless her degree is in maths or something. I can at least blame The Times and growing up in a very white place.