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The Verge List: Sundance 2013

Sundance Film:

Age? “27.”

Where are you from? “Lancaster, Pennsylvania—home of the Amish. I’m a meat and potatoes guy, but that started to catch up with me so I’ve had to curb my appetite.”

Big break? “I did Spring Awakening on Broadway [with his frequent Glee costar, Lea Michele] for two years. That was the job that got me an agent. And nominated for a Tony Award.”

It’s your first time at Sundance! “Yup. And I’m excited to be popping my cherry with this movie.”

So what have you heard? “That the best thing is Park City is an incredible environment of natural beauty. And the worst thing is the inability to enjoy the atmosphere because you’re doing interviews all day—what a cocktease!”

Describe your character in one sentence. “He is a smart, well-educated young man who doesn’t really know anything about life.”

What’s the buzz about C.O.G.? “It’s the first time that David Sedaris has allowed anyone to translate one of his stories into a screenplay. My director sought him out at a book signing, and this will be David’s first time at Sundance, too. I can’t wait to meet him.”

What about before you became a Sundance and Broadway (and—for all of the Gleeks out there—TV) sensation? “I worked at Dutch Wonderland, an Amish-inspired theme park.”

Sundance Film:
We Are What We Are

Age? “18.”

Where are you from? “Riverdale, New York, so I wear a lot of black. What’s more New York than that?”

Big Break? “My film Electrick Children was my first lead—it was in competition at South by Southwest. And also Martha Marcy May Marlene because that did well at Sundance [in 2011].”

So what are the highs and lows of Park City? “The best thing is that it’s like a reunion: Bumping into people you’ve worked with before and don’t get to see anywhere else really—Amy Seimetz, for instance! All over Main Street it’s like: ‘Hey, where have you been? How are you?’ I’d have to say the worst part is the overcrowded restaurants.”

Describe your character in one sentence. “Her name is Rose Parker and she is ashamed of this toxic secret in her family that affects her and everyone around her.”

What’s the buzz? “That it’s edgy. You know it’s about cannibals, right? They actually have a lot of films about boy meets girl at Sundance… this is more like boy eats girl.”

What about before you became a Sundance sensation? “I started acting professionally in the 10th grade—three years ago. But before that I was still in middle school and didn’t know what I was going to do with my life. I didn’t realize that acting was, like, a real job.”

What’s next? “I’m in a film that takes place in New Orleans and comes out in March. It’s called The Last Exorcism: Part 2.”

Sundance Film:
Blue Caprice

Age? “20.”

Where are you from? “Burlington, North Carolina—and I brought my manners with me to Hollywood.”

Big break?Everybody Hates Chris. I auditioned for the lead role, but when Chris Rock met me, he said: ‘I was never that cool. But I had a brother who was just like you.’ So I got cast as his brother right then and there. I’ve been acting for about 12 years now, but Blue Caprice is my first movie.”

What have you heard about Sundance? “It’s cold as shit. Other than that, it’s a great opportunity.”

Describe your character. “One word: Confused.”

What’s the buzz? “The fact that it’s a true story based on actual events. I know plenty of people who were scared to get gas because the D.C. sniper was out shooting people [in 2002]. You see that situation in depth—and understand why somebody was killing instead of just seeing the killing. But any movie about kids and guns is going to be controversial.”

What’s next?General Hospital and I just shot a movie in Cape Town, House Party 5, for Warner Bros. So I have a studio film, an indie movie, one TV series that’s a drama and another that’s a sitcom. Something for everyone!”

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Anything that you're especially excited about seeing/hearing about from Sundance? I just saw Electrick Children, so I'm excited for anything Julia Garner does at this point, tbh. And my bb Groff's film is getting good buzz.