Robert Pattinson Hits The Bar At Golden Globes With Eddie Redmayne As He Leaves KStew At Home

Amid split rumours Rob enjoys night out

Robert Pattinson hit the Golden Globes last night, where he presented the award for Adapted Screenplay alongside Amanda Seyfried and was reportedly enjoying himself at the star studded event, despite leaving girlfriend Kristen Stewart at home.
The 'Twilight' stud reportedly volunteered to come to the event, despite his claims to be uncomfortable in the spotlight and was clearly up for a big night as he was overheard chatting to fellow Brit star Eddie Redmayne.
According to the Los Angeles Times, the 'Les Miserables' star came over to the actor and said: "We're at the same table,"
To which an excited Rob replied: "Let's go find the bar, now."
The 26 year-old looked pretty foxy on the red carpet as he posed in a blacksuit with skinny tie and despite having finished with the vampire saga that made him an international heartthrob, was only asked about the 'Twilight' movies on the red carpet.

What we want to know is why Kristen didn't come along too?
The actress was in Los Angeles and was spotted at a Starbucks over the weekend by excited fans. The most recent claims suggest things aren't going right between the famous couple and that they're on the verge of a split, according to Life & Style magazine.
But the friendly hug between Rob and Kristen's father John Stewart at the Globes, who greeted each other affectionately according to HollywoodLife (lol), would appear to dispel these rumours.


there was a handful of tweets that kstew was at one of the afterparties, but no pics as always, because her amazing realness just destroys cameras