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Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper Spotted Having Dinner Together Following Her Reported Break-Up

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Are the odds ever in Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper's favor?
The pair have had a big week, as both earned Oscar nominations for co-starring in their romantic film, Silver Linings Playbook. Now, rumors are flying that the two might be dating.
Reportedly, Jennifer has recently split from her longtime boyfriend Nicholas Hoult, whom she co-starred with in 2011's X-Men: First Class
Now, E! Online is reporting that Jennifer — the 22-year-old Hunger Games star — and Bradley were spotted having dinner together on January 10 at trendy Katsuya in Hollywood. Maybe she has a thing for her co-stars

The former Sexiest Man Alive is also newly single, having recently split with Zoe Saldana.

It's possible that the two were just celebrating their recent professional success together, between their Oscar noms and mutual wins at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards that day
Still, the fact that they both have recently gone through break-ups, and that they left the restaurant separately — perhaps to avoid rumors — has us mighty suspicious.
And despite their 16-year age gap, we think these two would be quite adorable together. That is, if we can't be dating Bradley, it might as well be someone as awesome as Jennifer!