First trailer for Danny Boyle's Trance

Awesome; Danny Boyle is back with his first new film since 2010, and what it lacks in James Franco amputations, his latest, Trance more than makes up for in James McAvoy, and a reunion with writer John Hodge for the first time since 2000's The Beach.

Trance stars James McAvoy as Simon, an art dealer who plots with, then betrays a criminal gang over the theft of a Goya masterpiece. The leader of the gang (Vincent Cassel) bashes Simon in the head over the betrayal, an injury which Simon then claims as the cause of amnesia which has the convenient side effect of erasing the memory of where he hid the pilfered art. (Note to self: practice amnesia for my spectacular bank robbery plan.) The question of whether or not Simon is lying looms large, and the mobster then hires a hypnotherapist (Rosario Dawson) to draw the damaged memories out, which apparently leads to a confusing blend of reality and dream, plus, we assume, plenty of angry Europeans and punching.

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