Here's the Link
but I have to give some background since he isn't named.

Andy San Dimas talks about the scene she did with two guys, one was married, the other was single and the single one started taking it to a personal level and humiliated her, no one ever checked to see if she was OK. The scene was so hard on her that she was given the cover of the DVD, that movie is "Belladonna: Slut" the scene is with Mr. Pete who is married and James Deen who's single. There's a thread on another site I will try to find where it talks about him choking someone out 4 or 5 times iirc and other shit but I believe that scene was all consensual, still that's pretty rough when iirc it wasn't called for.

Honestly I've been hesitant to post this on ONTD because it's easy to communicate with many pornstars and I don't want someone to tweet him with it and then someone gives her shit for it forcing her to come out and say it was cool but that's probably unlikely to happen.