Sheriff Graham yep
Those are faulty comparisons because none of the characters in IB were Holocaust victims (so the dolls wouldn't be either) and PF is pure fiction. I'm not really bothered by these dolls atm but the reason some people are mad is because the toys can be seen as trivializing slavery (which the movie kinda does on it's own). I wouldn't have an issue with the production and promotion of Django Unchained if we actually had serious films dealing with slavery but the last one I can think of was released 16 years ago (Amistad) and the focus was on a white character. I understand that QT's films are usually mindless gore and action but you can't make a ~fun~ film about an underrepresented large scale historical topic like slavery and expect it to be taken at face value. But 12 Years a Slave comes out this year so hopefully people will pay attention to it even though I doubt they will.