Michelle Dockery in InStyle US (February 2013) + Dan Stevens Twitter Shenanigans

Stunning princess (also possibly a vampire or ghost judging by how pale she is) Michelle Dockery does a photoshoot for InStyle US. Tbh, I'm not a huge fan of a lot of the styling for this shoot, but Michelle still looks gorgeous.

As a bonus, Dan Stevens got a big passive aggressive on twitter a couple of days ago. (Screencaps and such here if you care.) But idrc about that. But what IS funny is that at some point (I THINK following this whole kerfluffle but it could have been earlier- I don't regularly check his twitter) he changed his profile on Twitter:

Ok this probably isn't funny to that many people, but he changed his name to "Don Stovens" which is something his haters call him to talk about him on twitter without attracting his attention since he apparently searches his name. And he also added "Nothing but love for that bedpost and the haters." which LMAO. Apparently he got wind of people making fun of him and his smell the fart/clutch the bedpost acting in Downton Abbey 3x05.

source for the scans and link to Dan's twitter