TV - Boardwalk Empire
I watched this show for the first time last night,, it does seem really indulgent. I can't really tell if we're supposed to like/identify with the characters or if it's like Seinfeld where they're all deliberately self-absorbed and ridiculous. I guess I can't judge from two random episodes, but I kinda didn't find anyone at all likable. And I cackled when Hannah was dumb enough to fall asleep on the subway and lost her purse and woke up at Coney Island--I lived off the F line for two years and I never did that. Sheesh.

(and I kinda hate to say it, but ngl, it made me feel better about my romantic/sexual prospects as far as my looks go. I am definitely not that hot at all, but, like...most of the characters on this show...well, it was encouraging. Is that terrible?)