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Actor Josh Brolin rang in the New Year with a bust.
Cops said they arrested the star early Wednesday after finding him drunk on a sidewalk in Santa Monica, Calif. Brolin, 44, plays a police sergeant in the new movie “Gangster Squad. He was held until he sobered up, cops told NBCLosAngeles.com.


Fuck people who get a DUI. First DUI and your license should be suspended so you learn your lesson.

Yah this was meant for the Thomas Gibson post, oop.

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Unless he was trying to drive the sidewalk, I think he was just passed out drunk.

Yah this was meant for the Thomas Gibson post, oop.

Well, he didn't actually get a DUI. IIRC, he was cited for public intoxication and then released. So, a night in the drunk tank?

Yah this was meant for the Thomas Gibson post, oop.

ia. theyre fucking selfish. even if youre drunk you know better than to drive, you KNOW!!

Uh most states do have license suspension for DUI arrest so.

When my aunt was hit by a drunk driver in PA he got away with nothing except his insurance company had to pay for a new car. They may have the laws but I doubt they are enforced.

How long ago was that? DUI/DWI laws have been changing a lot in just the last 5-10 years across the US. Also the license thing might not be related to local law at all. In TX where I live, that's regulated by the DMV. So law enforcement confiscates the license and reports the arrest to DMV so suspension starts immediately at time of arrest. Iirc it's 90days for failed breathalyzer/arrest and 120days for refusal of breathalyzer so a conviction is completely separate and isn't necessary for the suspension to happen. Tbh it's just another way to get around double jeopardy laws imo and from what I understand isn't really effective in preventing recidivism anyway.

It's not like you're automatically found guilty just because you're charged with something.

Breathalizers don't lie sis.

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